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Pravin Chandan Introduces Free Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing has become the cornerstone of every marketing strategy lately, owing to an increasing reliance on technology among people and businesses around the globe. This has been exacerbated further by the COVID-19 virus which caused several businesses to face severe losses, some shut down, & most conduct their businesses online. Digital marketing is also quintessential because of the wide reach it provides, being accessible and available from any part of the globe.
However, businesses that are forced to convert their marketing strategies into an online form due to the COVID-19 virus are posed with the issue of being unaware of the nuances of digital marketing and how to extract the utmost benefit from it. The inability to apply appropriate digital marketing strategies could not only hinder growth, but may also negatively impact the business. Businesses must be aware about how to increase customer loyalty, increase customer engagement, gain credibility, etc.
Webinars are a way for businesses, beginners especially, to become proficient in the various aspects that relate to digital marketing. While these are immensely informative, they also come with a plethora of drawbacks. The most important of these is that webinars are very time-consuming and if the concepts are to be conveyed clearly, there is not much knowledge that can be accommodated within this time frame. Additionally, the pace of different listeners may vary and accordingly, they may not be able to comprehend the concepts which are taught or may be able to learn much more within the particular span of time but are unable to do so due to the pace of the webinar. It is also difficult to make notes or to remember what has been taught in the webinar.
In such tumultuous times, Pravin Chandan, who has an ardent compassion to teach the new entrants in the field, has devoted his time to this cause. Those that are new to digital marketing can learn a great deal from his blog posts and curated content that deal with the various aspects of digital marketing and how to reap its benefits. His blog posts comprise detailed, yet concise guidelines on how to use the most favourable digital marketing tools to expand the scope of businesses. It is beginner friendly and can also be used by intermediaries or experts in the field as the blog posts are up to date and keeping up with the most recent trends. It gives an insight into how digital marketing works in practice and how the advantages derived out of each digital marketing tool can be maximised. Unlike webinars, these are extremely time-efficient and can be read according to one’s own pace and comfort. The technicalities that arise in the case of webinars are drastically reduced here. It has been thought of in such a manner that it bridges the gap between entrants and experts on the aspects of digital marketing.
In furtherance of this compassion, he also intends to conduct events, inviting experts from the field to share their experiences and guidance based on what they have personally gone through during their career. This gives an idea to the listeners not merely about what works in theory but also about what works in practice.
The blog posts and curated content of Pravin Chandan are free and accessible by all. It is a window of opportunity for business owners around the world to invest their time and efforts into those digital marketing strategies that would be best suited to their businesses and how to use them. It will assist them in reaching their marketing goals. It can assist business owners to use digital marketing more effectively and efficiently and understand how to optimize it. It covers all necessary topics that one must know in simple terms such that it is understood by all. It is a method to gain ample knowledge in a short span of time. It is helpful for beginners and experts alike.
These can be accessed on Those interested can visit this page to amplify digital marketing knowledge and to understand the nitty gritty involved.