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Pranjal Kamra Launches Finology One for Millennial Investors

Investing in India is pacing its way into the new age and popular finTech platform Finology is taking the charge. With the mission of making financial planning & investing accessible, Finology has announced the launch of Finology One under an affordable subscription-based model.
An affordable, game-changing subscription, Finology One will provide access to three different platforms, that will enable the users to avail themselves of all the essentials of investing- Learning to invest, having a solid financial plan and analysing your stock ideas, at just a small price of Rs 499 per month.
Talking about the launch, the Founder of Finology, Pranjal Kamra, said, “Financial planning & learning has always been a hassle in India. People have to spend thousands of rupees to learn complicated financial concepts and have a stranger take care of their financial planning. This was a troublesome process for most, and it didn’t even give good results. We wanted to solve this issue once and for all. Finology One can be used effortlessly by anyone – from a beginner to an expert.”
A Finology One account gives unlimited access to three smart platforms that are designed to provide clever solutions to any investor’s most essential needs. With technology-backed smart financial planning & expert recommendations on Recipe, learning important financial concepts on Quest, and analysing stocks on Ticker, Finology One will take care of it all.
Recipe is a clever financial planning tool that helps align investments with individual financial goals. It’s an integrated financial planner that aims to empower and turn every investor into a smart investor through its intelligent tools, combined with solid recommendations.
With the financial learning platform Quest, individuals can learn the important concepts of investing & finance with short & crisp courses that have been created considering the reducing attention span of people. With pre-designed learning paths, users can know which course to start with and how to proceed. They can also choose to learn at their own pace. Quest also rewards the users with prestigious BSE Institute & Finology certifications that will definitely boost their professional lives.
Ticker, Finology’s star product, is a new-age equity research tool & stock screener that helps evaluate the fundamentals of stock ideas and provides an independent and insightful stock-picking experience with unique features such as IPO watch, brand search and can also help keep a track of the portfolio of some of the biggest investors.
Additionally, Finology’s product basket also includes the popular brokerage comparison tool, Select and interesting reading material in the form of Finology Blogs and finance magazine Ticker Talks to keep the users updated with all the latest, ongoing & upcoming market trends.
With the introduction of Finology One, Finology is setting its eyes on becoming a must-have ingredient for all, when it comes to investing in India.