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Panthira – Newest Crypto Exchange in India Commitment to Find Best Digital Assets for Its Investors

Panthira is supremely excited to announce its grand launch of a new crypto exchange in India!
Like Panthira’s tagline slogan, ‘Pursue Everything’ Suggests, Panthira (which means a predator) strives to search for best innovative digital assets for its investors, just like predators. It predicts that the upcoming innovative Indian digital assets and projects will revolutionize the next generation of finance and industry around the world, and they intend to support these Indian Blockchain assets as much as possible.
Panthira Exchange adopts a variety of advanced technologies, including GSLB, distributed server clusters, hard wallets, and wireless private key hot wallets, providing a secure, reliable and comfortable environment for digital asset trading through Web interfaces and mobile apps.
Here are some of the services that Panthira users can enjoy:
100 rupee worth of coin reward for the sign-up
As a welcome-offer to their new users, Panthira is providing 100 rupees worth of coin rewards on a successful sign-up! Sign-ups are absolutely free!
Buy crypto feature
With Changelly as one of their partners, they are providing Fiat as a Crypto Buy service for every user with a wide selection of fiat currency support all around the world.
Support thousands of quality listings and promising liquidity
With an exceptionally high quality of system and maintenance, Panthira intends to provide its users thousands of coins and rich liquidity. Panthira is thrilled to invite all the potential users to visit their exchange and experience a pleasant trading environment using their advanced technology and its pool.