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Oorwin Launches Its Next Job Board Integration with

Oorwin a leading AI-powered integrated ATS, CRM and HRMS platform has announced its integration with another popular job board –

Aiming to simplify steps for the recruiters to hire the candidates in a quick and easy manner, the Naukri integration with Oorwin’s ATS enables recruiters to publish the jobs in Naukri directly from the Oorwin’s portal. The integration also allows the recruiters the details of the jobs posted from the dashboard itself. The release has enabled the recruiters to automatically pull out the resumes of the candidates who applied in Naukri into Oorwin for the specific jobs that are published from Oorwin. With Naukri integrated with Oorwin, recruiters can now easily refresh the jobs in the Naukri portal to update the last updated date and time with a single click of a button from Oorwin. In addition, recruiters can also delete the published jobs with a single click of a button from the jobs page in Oorwin and from the published jobs dashboard to the Naukri portal.

This integration between Oorwin and will improve the hiring process time, help the recruiters focus on the right skill set, and improve the quality of hire.

Ravi Daparthi, our CPO & Head of Engineering says, “ATS software and Jobs/Candidate portal working together to share data including Jobs and Candidates is win-win situation for services providers as well as for the customers. Oorwin’s partnership with Naukri gives customers a flexibility to publish/un-publish jobs from Oorwin to Naukri and pull the applied candidates directly to Oorwin ATS. This integration significantly reduces the operational time and increases the efficiency in time to hire the candidate.”

Venkat Kolli, CEO, Oorwin, “We are very excited to partner with Naukri with over 62% market share in the Indian job board market. As we move into new working environment, our customers are seeing great value in using our AI-powered capabilities with Naukri to find the right candidates fast. We truly believe that this partnership is going to provide the best value for our customers in India to hire fast.”

According to Oorwin’s Staffing Buyers Survey 2021, 34% of all businesses polled said finding qualified candidates was one of their biggest challenges, and more than 67% companies polled said they planned to increase recruitment in 2021.

So, thereby the recruitment teams of every organization must focus on hiring the right candidates in an optimized manner with easy access to publish/delete jobs and pull out candidate resumes.