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OceanBase’s New Database Open-Source Program Draws More Than 21,300 Developers and 50 Institutional Partners Including, Kuaishou, Meituan and Bilibili

Business Wire IndiaOceanBase, an enterprise-level distributed relational database provider, has drawn more than 21,300 users and 50 institutional partners to its open-source program within months of its official launch, with leading internet companies such as, Kuaishou, Meituan and Bilibili joining the community.

Oceanbase, an Ant Group company, announced the latest updates on the new program at the Database Technology Conference China 2021 (DTCC2021), during which its partners shared their best practices for deploying or testing its open-source technologies.

OceanBase’s open-source community was officially launched on June 1, 2021, and since then, developers across the world that have joined the community have contributed more than 500 code commits and 600 original posts on technical practices.

Among the over 50 enterprises and organizations exploring further deployment of OceanBase, Nasdaq-listed one-stop travel service provider is implementing the open-source version of OceanBase in its risk management and other business systems, and has also begun testing the enterprise version.

“Our database technologies are facing major challenges in several different areas, including handling the increasing number of database instances, managing multiple data centers, and deploying across multiple locations, while meeting requirements to reduce operation and maintenance costs and improve system uptime,” said Chen Yao, a senior database expert at “OceanBase’s distributed architecture, combined with the team’s efficient technical support, is exactly what we need.”

Yang Chuanhui, Chief Technology Officer of OceanBase, said, “Since the launch of our open-source program, OceanBase has been widely embraced by database developers, which further demonstrates that our commitment to an open-source strategy can support the standardization and adoption of distributed databases, accelerate the development of various products and technologies, and benefit more enterprises and developers.”

OceanBase announced its comprehensive open-source program during the OceanBase 3.0 summit in June. Based on the Mulan Public License Version 2 and the Open-core model, OceanBase has open-sourced 3 million lines of its core codes.

OceanBase’s database technologies have been applied in all major Ant Group businesses. The enterprise version of OceanBase database also serves numerous institutions, including the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Nanjing, Sinopec, and China Mobile Zhejiang.

About OceanBase

Launched in 2010, OceanBase is an enterprise-level distributed relational database developed by Ant Group. OceanBase’s benefits over alternative solutions include strong data consistency, high availability, high performance, low cost, online scalability, and high compatibility with SQL standards and other mainstream relational databases. Its performance has been proven in Alipay’s large-scale business scenarios and the annual 11.11 Global Shopping Festival. In May 2020, OceanBase set the world record for online transaction processing performance, with 707 million transactions per minute in a TPC-C benchmark test. OceanBase was officially registered as a separate company in June 2020.

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