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Nutanix and UPSIDC Establish the “Summer of Code” at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Business Wire IndiaNutanix, a leader in enterprise cloud computing, and UPSIDC (Uttar Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation) today announced the launch of “Summer of Code” in IIT Kanpur, among India’s leading institutes for technology education. The new “Summer of Code” will establish a summer internship program for 100 students to learn technology skills needed for the future of IT.
According to recent study conducted by EY and commissioned by industry bodies FICCI and NASSCOM, some of the most in-demand IT skills needed in the future will be new-generation technologies like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud and Robotics/Automation.
Furthering its commitment to promote entrepreneurship in the State and thereby contributing to the skill development activities and knowledge bank among the young populace of the nation, UPSIDC has joined hands with Nutanix and IIT Kanpur in sponsoring the 2-month Summer Training Program aptly titled the “CSE@IITK Summer of Code”. Resonating the Honorable Prime Minister’s vision of developing Technical and Professional dexterity among the youth of the nation, the program will attempt to nurture innovation and development skills within its young participants and instill the traits necessary for the Entrepreneurs and Employment providers of tomorrow. The students will get the opportunity to develop Live Software Projects qualifying current industrial standards at a very early stage of their academic careers, which is rare in the industrial and academic landscape of today and the sponsorship will allow a stipend for the bright young minds, ensuring positive reinforcement of the intensive training they will undergo. UPSIDC, Nutanix and IIT Kanpur wish the best of fortune to the 100+ students and their 15 instructors.
The 100 students will be divided into groups of 2-3 students and will work on different projects for their own personal and moral development. A portion of the projects will be targeted at using technology to help community issues. Some of the project ideas include Android interface for spoken tutorials, AI-based suggestive learning, medical advice systems, cyber security hygiene training app, mookit appliance on phones, services using Google APIs for traffic information, student attitude measurement system, and student attendance systems on mobile.
Shri Ranvir Prasad, MD UPSIDC, commended the initiative and said, “India has huge contributions to make in the field of technology in near future. Our government has taken this initiative to support the program as this would not only benefit the students but our society through Skill Development at large. Nutanix is a visionary brand that has a pioneered innovation, we are confident that this mentorship will be instrumental in driving India’s reputation and growth on the global scale.”
Dr. Sandeep Shukla, Head of the CSE department, IIT Kanpur stated, “The first year in B. Tech is the foundation year for further studies which makes this initiative a defining opportunity in the educational landscape.” He added, “This initiative is designed for students to have training based on new-generation technologies and skills and giving them a platform to create realistic applications on interesting web and mobile accessible solutions to socially relevant problems. Nutanix is an aspirational brand and we are extremely proud of this partnership.”
Sankalp Saxena, SVP and MD (Operations), Nutanix India said, “In today’s ever evolving world, technology is an extremely important part of education. At the same time, the students are eager to learn and experiment with innovative technologies. Through this partnership, we intend to provide them a platform to learn and implement technology in new ways. We are extremely excited, as such programs aid us in getting some unique and completely distinct perspectives. With this initiative, we can accelerate our innovation capabilities right at the nexus and strengthen our technology leadership on a world map.”