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NTT DOCOMO Releases “Mach-Speed Orchestra” Video, a Musical Collaboration Between Androids and Humans in the Orchestra of the Future!

NTT DOCOMO, INC. released a special video entitled “Mach-Speed Orchestra” on Monday, March 2nd, 2020. The video symbolically conveys the speed of the fifth-generation mobile communications system “5G,” which DOCOMO plans to launch as a commercial service in spring 2020.


This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:


Mach-Speed Orchestra (Photo: Business Wire)

Mach-Speed Orchestra (Photo: Business Wire)

The video is set at an orchestra performance in a concert hall. For the conductor, we employed “Alter3,” an android conductor equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). The orchestra performs Johan Sebastian Bach’s well-known “Air on the G String.” Alter3 and the orchestra perform the music at speeds simulating 3G, 4G, and 5G respectively. Can the orchestra members keep up with Alter3’s gradually accelerating conducting? The video has not been edited in any way by fast-forwarding or computer graphics (CG), so please enjoy watching this special “Mach-Speed Orchestra” performance.


“Mach-Speed Orchestra” URL:


Synopsis of the “Mach-Speed Orchestra”, a 5G world created by an android conductor


Android conductor “Alter3” appears out of the dark. The orchestra members finish tuning their instruments, and Alter3 starts conducting “Air on the G String” in a speed representing “3G network.” As the orchestra plays, they are a little perplexed by the leisurely tempo of the conducting. As the performance enters the second segment, it moves up to the speed of a “4G network.” With the music regaining its normal level of tension, the orchestra’s performance becomes lively and energetic. Finally, in the third segment, Alter3’s conducting becomes even more dynamic, and the performance accelerates to the speed of a “5G network.” With “absolutely no CG or fast-forwarding editing,” we hope you enjoy this “Mach-speed performance”.