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NRI Secure and GE Digital Collaborate to Expand OT Network Robustness Certifications Worldwide

Business Wire India

NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd., (NRI Secure) and GE Digital announced that NRI Secure is the Asia-Pacific region's first independent company recognized as an accredited certification authority for the industry-leading Achilles Communications Certification (ACC) program Worldwide. This designation permits NRI Secure to independently provide the full ACC service to their customers, from testing and evaluation to certificate issuance. Through the ACC program, NRI Secure will evaluate the network robustness of the devices used in connected control systems and operational technology (OT) networks, allowing them to be more confidently used in the Industrial Internet.


“We are pleased to have NRI Secure as a third-party certifier of Achilles. Today many devices and machines, such as turbines, medical devices and control systems, are connected to and interact on a connected OT network,” said Felicia Nicastro, Senior Cyber Security Director, GE Digital. “If control of heavy machinery or physical devices is lost due to a cyberattack, the damage could be significant. These OT environments require OT-specific technology to fortify embedded and connected systems and reduce the risk associated with cyber-related threats,” Nicastro said.


Achilles Certification helps ensure products and internal development processes align with industry best practices for testing and network robustness. By obtaining Achilles Certification, organizations benefit from the following:


  • Improve the network robustness of their device
  • Further differentiate themselves and their product offerings from competitors
  • Align with industry best practices
  • Gain access to customers whose vendors must be Achilles Certified

Together, NRI Secure and GE Digital are exploring opportunities to provide consultation and security solutions for companies looking to improve the security posture of their ICS and IoT systems. NRI Secure has been providing a device security diagnosis service for embedded devices, since 2011. In 2016, NRI Secure became Japan's first third party ACC testing lab in Japan to support customers in getting certified, and NRI Secure is now a worldwide certification authority.