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NIIT Envisages Robust Growth Potential for Skilling in Global Capability Centres (GCC)

Business Wire IndiaTo bring the spotlight on the evolution being experienced in GCCs in India, NIIT Limited, a global skills and talent development company and leading provider of managed training services announced the launch of its thought paper titled “Learning Reimagined – Catalysing GCC’s Transformation.”
The paper delves on the changing vision of GCCs in India and the talent necessary to meet their transformation agenda. It also touches upon the case studies of outcome driven interventions, and how learning designs, methods and frameworks must evolve with the changing needs of a GCC, and most importantly foster innovative thinking.
While discussing about the whitepaper and its implications, Mr. Bimaljeet Singh Bhasin, President, Skills and Careers Business, NIIT said “GCCs in India are going through massive transformation, specifically on two dimensions. Firstly, their work is becoming more strategic, innovation driven and value adding on key business metrics of the parent organization. Second, GCCs in India are now becoming closer and impacting the end customer of parent organization through development of tech platforms and apps which impact customer journeys and experience or Analytics which impacts critical customer touch points. A combination of these two significant changes makes it very important for GCCs to drive significant mindset and skillset expansion and repurpose their workforce in alignment with the overall transformation. Nurturing talent is and will be one of the critical challenges faced by GCCs. GCC organizations must create a roadmap to ensure that talent is unequivocal differentiator for them”.
According to industry estimates, it is expected that there will be a minimum of 25% rise in hiring by GCCs, strengthening the talent base in the country. It is also expected that the sector will register about 20% hike in the overall salaries which will further help in attracting and retaining talent.
Speaking on the changing scenario of GCCs in India and the workforce required for it, Dr Yogesh Kumar Bhatt, Executive Vice President and Business Head – Enterprise IT Business, NIIT Limited said “Keeping in view the rapid transformation of the GCCs and the kind of skills and talents they will need, we at NIIT do not limit the goal of any learning design to just building the required ‘skillsets’, but also enabling ‘mindsets’. Our programs are designed to build capabilities for a specific role, which includes the ability to collaborate, create value, reconcile conflicts, navigate through opposing arguments, reflect upon self, adapt to change, and set oneself in a path of continuous learning. We call these as Transformative Competencies, and without these, talent transformation initiatives are likely to fail.”
The key highlights brought forth by the paper are:

The changing vision of GCCs located in India
The disruption caused in their operations by the pandemic
The talent requirements needed to meet the transformation agenda of the GCC’s
Evolution of learning designs, methods, and frameworks in keeping with the transformation agenda of GCCs and the need to foster innovative thinking

Please access the complete thought paper here.
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