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New Study Finds Salesforce Economy in India Will Create 1.3 Million Jobs and USD 66.4 Billion in New Business Revenues by 2026

Business Wire IndiaSalesforce (NYSE: CRM), the global leader in CRM, today announced a new third party study addendum from IDC that finds Salesforce and its ecosystem of partners in India will create 1,328,200 jobs among Salesforce customers in the country, this includes 569,800 direct jobs and 758,400 indirect jobs by 20261.
Salesforce partner ecosystem drives worldwide acceleration of growth

For more than half a decade now, IDC has been forecasting the economic benefits of cloud computing under the premise that cloud computing frees up IT resources from routine tasks to be available to support business innovation. 
In India, the growth of cloud software is also driving economic benefits. According to IDC, the demand for cloud services is set to grow 22%, from $2.6 billion in 2020 to $8.5 billion in 20262.

Over the same period, the use of cloud computing by Salesforce customers will add a net $66.4 billion in new business revenue to the local economy. The study also finds that Salesforce is driving immense growth for its partner ecosystem in India, which will make $6.55 for every $1 Salesforce makes locally by 20263.
Salesforce creates pathways to help unlock career opportunities in the Salesforce Economy

24% of new jobs4 created in India in the Salesforce customer base this year leverage significant digital skills — such as using automation tools, the Internet of Things ( IoT), and other complex applications. Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform, and its Trailblazer Community, which helps accelerate this learning through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and support, empowers users to learn digital skills for the growing Salesforce economy.
[Tableau embed: Global new jobs, new business revenue & partner ecosystem: link]
Executive Quotes:

Arundhati Bhattacharya, Chairperson & CEO, Salesforce India, said “The growth in the Salesforce Economy really does go back to the idea of collaboration and community. The Salesforce partner ecosystem is critical to extending the power of Salesforce to companies of all sizes, across industries and we are committed to providing our expanding partner ecosystem with the tools needed to succeed in the jobs of the future. For Salesforce, it’s not only about creating new technology and career opportunities; we have to create pathways to these new jobs. We’ve made it our mission to empower people with the tools they need to build dynamic careers, companies, and communities with Salesforce and thrive in a digital-first world.”
How Salesforce is creating job-ready candidates to fuel the Salesforce Economy
Salesforce has a number of programs and initiatives to help create the jobs of the future—and to fill them with well-equipped candidates:
The Trailblazer Community is a global network of millions of people who help each other learn new skills and succeed with Salesforce. The Trailblazer Community offers an online platform to connect from anywhere, as well as more than 1,300 active regional and interest-based groups around the world. Members share their guidance and expertise and support each other as they build careers and companies with Salesforce. A survey found that to date, 3 in 5 Trailblazers credit their participation in the Trailblazer Community with helping them get a new job or promotion.
Trailhead has empowered nearly 3.5 million people globally to learn in-demand skills for the future of work. With Trailhead, learners can skill up for free from anywhere. Users can earn globally-recognized credentials for careers in the Salesforce ecosystem. Trailhead provides guided career paths for Salesforce roles, and is introducing three new roles to create entry points into some of the fastest-growing fields today: Marketer, Sales, and Designer.
The Salesforce Talent Alliance is an initiative that connects Salesforce partner companies to job candidates trained on Salesforce via Trailhead and brings new, diverse talent into the fast-growing ecosystem.
What is the Salesforce Economy?
IDC defines “The Salesforce Economy” as the footprint of Salesforce and its partner ecosystem on the economy at large. This includes the revenues and jobs directly generated in the Salesforce customer base from the use of Salesforce and its partners’ cloud services, as well as jobs created indirectly in the economy by local spending by direct employees and Salesforce and its partners themselves.
Salesforce’s multi-faceted partner ecosystem is a driving force behind the Salesforce Economy’s massive growth:

The Salesforce partner ecosystem can help customers grow faster. Throughout a customer’s journey, partners fill technology whitespace and offer solutions across products, industries, and regions. The Salesforce partner ecosystem includes consulting partners, independent software vendors (ISVs), and resellers that bring the power of apps and expertise to solve any customer challenges.
Launched in 2006, Salesforce AppExchange is the world’s leading enterprise cloud marketplace, with over 6,700 partner listings and more than 9 million installs.

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IDC Methodology
The Salesforce Economic Impact Model is an extension to IDC’s IT Economic Impact Model. It estimates Salesforce’s current and future share of the benefits to the general economy generated by cloud computing, and it also estimates the size of the ecosystem supporting Salesforce using IDC’s market research on the ratio of spending on professional services to cloud subscriptions; the ratio of sales of hardware, software, and networking to spending on public and private cloud computing; and the ratio of spending on application development tools to applications developed.
Note that the ecosystem may include companies that are not formal business partners of Salesforce but that nevertheless sell products or services associated with the Salesforce implementations.

IDC White Paper, sponsored by Salesforce, “The Salesforce Economic Impact,” doc #US48214821, September 20, 2021

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