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New Design Dynamic, New Industry Opportunities —— RCEP Qingdao Design Festival Will be Held Soon

RCEP Qingdao Design Festival will be officially launched in Qingdao industrial design innovation center on September 17, 2021. RCEP Qingdao Design Festival will take “New Design Dynamic” as the theme, and hold Launching Ceremony, Design Forum, Design Innovation Journey, Design Night, Design Exhibition, Design Workshop and other activities at the same time, aiming to gather international forces, explore the innovation of industrial design, and create a cultural feast with international communication value with industrial design as the core.


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New Design Dynamic, New Industry Opportunities —— RCEP Qingdao Design Festival Will be Held Soon (Graphic: Business Wire)

New Design Dynamic, New Industry Opportunities —— RCEP Qingdao Design Festival Will be Held Soon (Graphic: Business Wire)

RCEP Qingdao Design Festival is held by Qingdao Shibei District People’s Government and Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and organized by Qingdao Shibei District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Qingdao International Design Center, Qingdao Industrial Design Association, Qingdao Daily Press Group and Qingdao Shibei District Construction Investment Group.


Experts Gather, Create a Global Design Event


RCEP Qingdao Design Forum hold a two-day seminar focusing on the theme of “New Dynamic”. Shi Jun, Deputy Director of the Economic Committee of the 12th CPPCC National Committee, David Kusuma, President-Elect of the World Design Organization , Enea Colombo, Global President of Icona Design Group, Nariman Bashiri, Founder and President of BJÖRKÅ., Andy Liu, Founder and CCO of Oracle Creative Design, Cathy Huang, President of Service Design Network Shanghai Chapter, Yang Xiaoguang, General Manager of Longjie Technology, Zheng Dedong, Director, Institute of Tourism and Landscape, Southeast University, Cyndi Chiu, Founder of Second White Design, are invited to share frontier design concepts, typical design cases, and the latest trends in design.


In addition, Design Night & 2021 “Mayor’s Cup” Qingdao Industrial Design Grand Prix Award Ceremony will be held on the evening of September 17. Well known designers at home and abroad, jury experts, representatives of government agencies and media representatives will jointly witness the birth of various awards of “Mayor’s Cup”. A tour with the theme of “Moon on the Sea” was held, the activity uses interactive devices, somatosensory expression, light and shadow tunnel and other experience projects to guide public participation, trigger emotional resonance and popularize the concept of industrial design.


Multiple Integration, Show Unlimited Creativity


RCEP Qingdao design festival sets up RCEP Design Innovation Exhibition and user experience design exhibition. Among them, RCEP Design Innovation Exhibition collects more than 100 works that have won international design awards such as Japan G-Mark good design award, South Korea good design award and Australia good design award, and shows the creative products of classic design, contemporary design and future design around the four plates of culture, technology, city and future. Focusing on the three clues of new species, new services and new experience, the user experience design exhibition shows innovative proposals such as new cutting-edge science and technology categories, interactive experience devices and new media art, so that the public can fully feel the continuously improved quality of life brought by the design power.


Inspiration Collision, Activate Urban Renewal Force


During RCEP Qingdao Design Festival, Qingdao International Design Center will hold a Design Workshop in Fab Lab Qingdao and Dark Horse Design Thinking Lab, inviting experts, scholars and industrial design enthusiasts from all over the world to experience the charm of industrial design and realize the exchange and collision of cultures and thinking modes of all countries.


In order to promote the implementation of industrial design value, RCEP Qingdao Design Festival specially set up the theme activity of Design Innovative Journey. Experts led domestic and foreign experts, scholars and industry representatives to conduct on-the-spot investigation, visit Qingdao’s industrial chain and get a close understanding of Qingdao’s industrial advantages.


Qingdao is the main node city of the new Eurasian Continental Bridge Economic Corridor and the “Double Positioning” city of the strategic fulcrum of maritime cooperation. It has natural geographical advantages in participating in RCEP regional economic and trade cooperation. The RCEP Qingdao Design Festival will vigorously promote the deep integration of industrial design and related industries, empower the urban economy, enhance design competitiveness and serve the national strategy through design, and embrace the future with a more open attitude.