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New App Launched at NeoRest Summit 2021

The NeoRest App was launched at the NeoRest Summit held at Marriott Sheraton Grand, Bangalore for furniture dealers and distributors. Boya Ramu, Managing Director, also attended the summit. NeoRest mattresses introduced a new mobile app for their mattress vendors and distributors in the summit and highlighted the features of NeoRest orthopedic memory foam mattress manufactured by Neostik Tapes Pvt. Ltd.

On launching the mobile app Ramu said “I feel extremely proud to launch an app which is innovative and a new initiative to help the dealers and customers to save their time and cost.”

Highlighting the market scenario Mr. Boya Ramu said, “In terms of demand and supply the Indian memory foam mattress and pillow market is gaining momentum after COVID-19 slow down and the manufacturing companies have begun to adopt new strategies. The latest air circulation technology based, NeoRest orthopedic memory foam 6-layered mattress configured to allow air flow to and from the side of the mattress, revives your body and mind for a fresh morning.”

Air Circulation Technology mattresses are not hot like other mattresses it’s a latest technology mattress that offer pressure relief or pressure redistribution and encourages superior circulation in unsafe areas of the body. He also said, “as a leading memory foam experts with hands on experience in sleep surface innovations, we are proficient at engineering and evolving sleep surface solutions.”

Memory foam mattresses have unique shape-matching abilities and enhances your sleep by relieving pressure where you feel it most. While there is a growing awareness of the benefits of sleep and the fatigue such as back pain caused by old mattresses, and with wide use of internet and online sales, easy accessibility of buying a product and convenience to get these products by end users have increased.