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NEOKOREA Launched a ‘NEOKOREA SPACE’ Community for Trade People

NEOKOREA (CEO Jeongwu, Seok) has launched a community ‘NEOKOREA SPACE’ for traders. Create new business opportunities by sharing and communicating with buyers online.


“In the aftermath of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), NEOKOREA digital marketers launched their services to help small and medium-sized businesses with difficulties in export marketing and overseas promotion.”


The ‘NEOKOREA SPACE is open to anyone. Create new business opportunities by sharing and communicating excellent Korean products with buyers online.


“We are currently investing with the middle and long-term goal of providing only community functions, but growing into a trade platform that provides export and import services in the future,” said Jeongwu, Seok.


The ‘NEOKOREA SPACE has been developing for a total of two years, and has finally released its final beta test. Basically, Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology is applied to provide fast responsiveness and elastic traffic management worldwide. We provide 24/7 seamless web service anywhere in the world because buyers and sellers around the world don’t have to worry about their servers being stopped even if they connect at once.


The ‘NEOKOREA SPACE provides the following functions:


1. Group-specific management of products and businesses of interest


2. Providing various communication and information sharing functions through forums


3. Provides a drive (1 GB) for storing documents and materials


4. Free chat between members


5. The bulletin board applied to the ‘NEOKOREA SPACE, which provides a calendar function for sharing events, adopted a forum-type bulletin board that Google mainly used, rather than a tiered bulletin board supported by NAVER. It is unfamiliar to Korean users, but it has the advantage of being possible to continue discussion with features added for overseas user convenience.


Currently, a group has been established in the community for popular domestic exports such as cosmetics, automotive parts, food, clothing, sensors, door lock, and interiors.


After registering, you can join and work in a group of interest. NEOKOREA will be giving new members a free upgrade to their Pro account ($50) until December 31.


NEOKOREA Overview:


Founded in 2011, NEOKOREA is a comprehensive trading company that provides import and export services for multiple products, with advanced trading techniques and financing capabilities.


With a global network of connections, we provide the best solution to meet your diverse needs through fast and extensive information gathering.


Neo Korea Space Homepage: