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My Movie League – India’s First Skill-Based Fantasy Movie Game Platform

Launched by Iplay Technologies founded by Ram Pratap Reddy & Ponaka Abhishiktha, My Movie League is India’s Biggest Skill-Based Fantasy Movie Game platform for all movie buffs to put their knowledge of films to test and win great prizes.
Increasing internet penetration and rising disposable income have given rise to the rapid development of mobile games. My Movie League emerges as the leader in the movie mobile gaming space, where users get to participate in a range of games and compete against tens of thousands of players in games and win exciting prizes. Sports and movies are two things that Indians love to watch and enjoy. Most of them follow these very closely and keep themselves updated with sports and movies’ latest developments. Iplay technologies recently launched My Movie League, a platform for all movie Lovers to test their knowledge about movies. if one is a Bollywood movie buff, then this is the place to be.
The game mode on My Movie League is super fast. Each game consists of real-time users pitted against each other to steal the maximum amount of money. Here, all the players win money, and there is no loser in the game. Based on the leaderboard, top players will win cash prizes up to 1 Lakh, and exciting cash backs up to 100%, making it a virtual cash heist with real money for takes. My Movie league offers 100% secure gaming experience. All users can avail of instant support and 24×7 telephonic services for claims assistance and claim updates through SMS. My movie league’s gaming zone includes Box Office games and Quiz games. One can put their movie knowledge to test through a series of questions and analyze their extraordinary skills to predict the movies box office collections based on various factors and win fantastic cash prizes. The subsequent players will be awarded the other cash prizes that follow the top prize. Get the real feel of a heist, yet come out top gainers based on their performance.

Rampratap Reddy, Founder & CEO of My Movie League, said :
“My Movie league will be a game-changer, which is made in India. Our team is excited and happy to launch the app, as it allows us to engage with the massive player base and geographical reach all over India while at the same time providing an exciting, edge-of-the-seat movie game experience to all the players. My Movie League is the First-of-its-Kind Fantasy Movie Game for the Indian Market. It is a Box Office Prediction Game where players need to predict the Box office collection values of movies based on specific information. The player who predicts the actual movie collection value or the closest value to the current collection value is the winner. We have kept the price to play our games very low. We wanted to make our game affordable to the commoner.”

Iplay technologies games start from as low as only Rs 20/-. Along with making it very economical to play, we ensure “All our Players Win”. We refund money to all our players which no fantasy sports application service provider offers in India.

Regarding the plans, Ponaka Abhishiktha, CO-Founder of My Movie League said:

“We plan to have the application offer Box Office & Quiz games for every Film Industry in India: Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali, etc. We have already started working on “Telugu Box Office” movies & shall be launching them very soon. We foresee our gaming application to have immense potential in the future. Being the first fantasy movie game in India, we have the early mover advantage & can tap the huge Indian market that is yet to be explored.”

Rampratap Reddy is an alumnus of IIT Varanasi and has worked as a computer network engineer in the Gulf before turning into an entrepreneur. He loves working on new ideas & concepts & this manifested into setting up “My Movie League”, India’s First Fantasy Movie Game.

While talking about his venture into this field, he said “I always had the zeal to experiment & try out something new. I love taking risks & it gives me a lot of satisfaction when my ideas turn from ideation to fruition. I have been an avid movie buff since my school days. When I was working in the Gulf, out of interest & curiosity, I used to compare how movies fared in terms of box office collections. After relocating to India, I realized people also follow movies very keenly & discuss a lot about cinema box office statistics. When friends meet up for a chat and talk about movies, they tend to patronize their favourite movie stars and are biased towards them as far as the box office potential of any actor is concerned. I thought to turn this love for cinema into a game where people can play movie box office games & earn money. This led to creating “My Movie League” gaming application Indians love cricket, movies & politics. These are what friends & family usually talk about when they hang out. There are a lot of fantasy sports applications already in the market. I thought why not create a fantasy game for movies which nobody has ever done before in India,” says Rampratap Reddy