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Moody’s Analytics Launches Discount Curve Service for IFRS 17

Moody’s Analytics, a leading provider of financial intelligence, today announced the launch of the Moody’s Analytics Discount Curve Service for IFRS 17. This new service offers insurers a convenient, flexible, and robust solution to the significant challenge of building discount curves required to value future cash flows under IFRS 17.


To develop this solution we have built upon our expertise in financial economics, and are capitalizing on our operational infrastructure to offer a reliable and timely service that enables customers to meet demanding reporting timelines. The new service offers illiquidity-premium term structures for a range of credit classes, allowing insurers to tailor the content to the characteristics of their liabilities under valuation, such as duration, liquidity, and currency.


“Constructing discount curves for IFRS 17 presents insurers with a number of challenges,” said Christophe Burckbuchler, Managing Director at Moody’s Analytics. “These include the selection of an appropriate methodology that provides stable and robust valuations of liabilities, and production of curves and necessary documentation to meet reporting timelines. Our new service addresses these challenges and enables insurers to accelerate their IFRS 17 project and production timelines.”


The launch of the Moody’s Analytics Discount Curve Service for IFRS 17 expands our offerings for IFRS 17, which include the RiskIntegrity™ for IFRS 17 solution and the AXIS™ actuarial system.


This month, Moody’s Analytics won IFRS 17 Solution of the Year at the annual InsuranceERM awards.


About Moody’s Analytics


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