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MASEx Provides Expansion Capital To TTChain To Revolutionize the Digital Asset Exchange Ecosystem!

TTChain, a global service provider for decentralized blockchain and cross-chain lightning transaction ecosystems, obtained capital funding from MASEx and became a subsidiary of MASEx. TTChain’s innovative technologies enable decentralized, flash cross-chain, high frequency, and AI trading with 8000+ transactions per second.


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(Photo: Pexels)

(Photo: Pexels)

MAS Capital Universal Exchange (MASEx), a global STO exchange has recently acquired a high performance decentralized MASEx 2.0 exchange enabler, TTChain, to lead and empower a next generation decentralized exchange with lightning digital asset transfers, including BTC and USDT.


Through this strategic investment, TTChain will provide world-leading high-performance trading and industry-grade security technologies to MASEx, enabling the next generation of the decentralized and universal trading platform. This addresses the interoperability bottleneck that has previously affected exchanges, as TTChain will enable cross-chain assets exchange, without performance hindrances, with enhance security and lightning transactional speed.


MASEx will serve as a prime platform to demonstrate the relevance and value of TTChain’s cross-chain technology. Current exchanges–centralized and decentralized alike — are faced with challenges of security with billions lost to hackers, limitations mostly to ERC20 tokens, and high transaction fees. TTChain’s strong encryption technology, led by an experienced team and a CTO who formerly worked at Microsoft, will provide the technical infrastructure to the MASEx platform.


“TTChain is pioneering cross-chain technology covering 60%+ of the mainstream and highest market share of stable coins — all while achieving 8,000+ transactions per second to solve the key trading pain points of decentralized exchanges”, says Nick Huang, TTChain CEO.


“With TTChain’s technology that combines strong security, blazing fast transaction speeds, and flexible cross-chain digital asset transfers, MASEx can continuously focus on and improve the universal exchange platform that doesn’t sacrifice on performance with higher security. The strategic investment is yet another huge stride for the digital asset and security token exchange ecosystem — solving challenges and pain points still present in many existing solutions out there for current digital asset exchanges”, says Aaron Tsai, Founder and Chief Capitalist of MASEx.


About MASEx


MAS Capital Universal Exchange (MASEx) is a global STO exchange. It aims to become the leading security token exchange by using AI and blockchain technology to form a decentralized exchange to trade securities, commodities, FOREX and digital assets on a single or Universal trading platform. Incorporated in Anguilla on August 14, 2018, and having a registered representative office in Taipei, MASEx’s Stock Listing – Entry Board started to trade its first equity security token WESTO, issued by Westrend Consulting from Vietnam, on October 31, 2019. MASEx will be a platform to deliver greater transparency, economies of scale, and liquidity on a global basis with a plan to open access to the un-banked.


About TTChain


TTChain is a global and professional service provider focused on decentralized blockchain, decentralized exchange solutions, cross-chain lightning transaction ecosystems, and comprehensive digital asset management system via customization and cloud Blockchain as a Service (BaaS). The revolutionized solution aims at solving several key challenges of digital asset exchanges and public blockchain: slow transaction speed, high handling fee, insecurity due to over-centralized exchange, and the inability to exchange digital asset value among chains for general public chains.