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MaGC – Values Beyond Consulting

Business Wire IndiaMaGC, Management and Governance Consulting, is one of India’s leading consulting companies with strong competency in Business Advisory, Governance and Public Finance, Process Advisory, Information Technology, Training and Research. The constant focus at MaGC is establishing, measuring, and upholding the four management values – Professional, Ethical, Human, and Spiritual for continued and enhanced working relationship with clients, and a motivated workplace.
Truly living up to what Albert Einstein believed ‘Relativity applies to Physics, not Ethics’ for nearly two decades, MaGC has been striving to create an Ethical Ecosystem for its global clientele.

According to Dr. Murali R S, Managing Director and Principal Consultant, “Organisations survive not only because of markets but because of ethics and values supported by robust internal processes and a long-term vision. MaGC provides all these to its clients thus leading to overall client happiness rather than just satisfaction.”
With global footprints and stories of successful delivery, MaGC has a noteworthy track record both in the government and private sectors.
MaGC has executed prestigious assignments for The World Bank, ADB, UNDP, US-AID, UNEP, and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, among others. MaGC has worked with the Government of India, Government of Botswana, Government of Bhutan, Government of Sri Lanka and several State Governments in India including Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and all the southern states. Partnering with bilateral and multilateral agencies, MaGC works towards the developmental assistance of several states of India.
The company has provided advisory and implementation services in areas relating to business structuring, restructuring, business process mapping, process re-engineering, business valuations including those related to intellectual property, business/strategic plan development, developing MIS, KPI, performance management systems, pre-ERP studies and evaluations, ERP implementation support, business modelling, costing/management accounting systems, HR systems, etc.
The experience of MaGC has enabled it to prepare various operations manuals covering areas from accounting to finance, financial analysis, HR, engineering, audit, internal controls. MaGC has conducted an internal audit, management audit, operations audit, information systems/security audit, etc. for various clients in the Indian, Middle Eastern, Far Eastern regions, and training programmes for clients on specific management aspects.
MaGC’s success stories have been possible due to the strength of research and internal documentation that supports continuous improvement. The company’s rich experience and knowledge have enabled it to create cutting-edge proprietary tools with a universal application that supports businesses in today’s competitive landscape. The continuous research based on field realities and emerging concepts have enabled MaGC to provide strategic models that help the development of strategies, approaches, documentation and controls for the clients. The following are original work of MaGC and are used in their assignments depending on the need:

  • 3PT® Framework: There are four different but interrelated dimensions that need to be addressed in developing and implementing strategies – Policy, Process, People, and Technology
  • ATA©: The Accountability-Transparency-Actionability model to evaluate accountability in organizations
  • AEM©: Accounting Entry Matrix to provide a simplified approach to financial accounting processes
  • LAMP™: Layered Approach to Process Mapping – This model provides process, documentation, authority and reporting layers, enabling the organization to completely document all technical and non-technical processes ensuring control in complex business environments

The company believes in creating a role model organization through innovative Human Resource Development practices. Practices such as commencing the working week with Pooja and ending it with meditation have led to employee efficiency. A flat organization has led to empowerment of every MaGCian and has brought about a single-minded focus towards the ultimate goal of ‘values beyond consulting’.