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L&T Technology Services Believes 50 percent of All Surgeries Will Be Robot Assisted by 2025

L&T Technology Services Limited (BSE: 540115, NSE: LTTS), India’s leading pure-play engineering services company, expects almost 50% of all surgeries to be robot assisted by 2025, as AI makes robots precise enough to facilitate complex surgeries.
LTTS organized an ‘Experience Walk-through’ as part of a Symposium on Advancement in Robot-assisted surgery to enable participants to get hands-on experience with cutting-edge products and solutions in the medical and medical equipment field.
The event was graced by prominent dignitaries and speakers in the field of Robotics, Clinical Robotics, Medicine & Healthcare and Medical Equipment from IIT Madras, IIT Delhi, IISc Bangalore, PSG Institute of Medical Science and Research, Coimbatore, PSG College of Technology, Navtat Solutions and Simulated Surgical Systems.

The Chief Guest was University of Illinois President, Dr. Timothy Killeen – a distinguished scientist in geophysics and space science, an experienced educator, and a member of the National Academy of Engineering.
The symposium was dedicated to discussing the possibilities and advancements in the field of Medical Robotics. Robotics is a state-of-the-art technology that offers superior vision, improved flexibility and great accuracy surpassing humans while performing complex tasks. Robotic assistance in surgery, rehabilitation efforts and therapeutic practices have made humans realize the need for research and technological progress in the field.

Experts in the field including Professor Kesh Kesavadas, Director of Health Care Engineering Systems Center at University of Illinois and the inventor of RoSS Robotic Surgery Simulator, the world’s first stand-alone training system for da Vinci surgical system, and Dr. Ramalingam, Professor of Urology, PSG Institute of Medical Science and Research, Coimbatore, expect the percentage of robot-assisted surgeries to jump to 50% by 2025 from around 10% today.
Mr Abhishek Sinha, Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Board at L&T Technology Services said, “Technological disruption is transforming the development process across markets, promoting new levels of efficiency and creativity in manufacture of healthcare products. It is also essential to connect with the leading lights of the academia to further the cause of healthcare to all. LTTS is proud to be a part of the technological shift that is transforming the medical and healthcare landscape.”
“Training surgeons to become proficient in the use of robots is a major challenge in India. Innovative low-cost training systems such as the Endo-Training kit and new VR/AR based training simulators such as RoSS promises to address the needs of the fast-growing clinical robotic sector,” said Professor Kesh Kesavadas of the University of Illinois.
A few products showcased at the symposium include: 

  • Robotic-Endo Training Kit: A compact, cost-effective surgical robot, for affordable and advanced laparoscopic and endoscopic surgical training, developed in association with KAIST, PSG and assisted by the Global Innovation & Technology Alliance (GITA)
  • Chemistry Analyzer: A fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer, with intelligent multitasking software
  • 3-Part Cell Counter: India’s first indigenously built and cost-effective blood cell counter, developed in association with Agappe Diagnostics Ltd
  • Chest X-Ray: An AI-based image analysis and pneumonia detection solution to help radiologists identify the symptoms and detect the disease in its initial phase

Prof. Killeen & Prof. Rohit Bhargava (Director, Cancer Center of Illinois) shared some deep insights into the ground breaking research they are working on, which can be accessed via the below links:
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