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Lotus Insights India Announces the Launch of, Business Intelligence and Remote Audit Platform for Tally Users is a Business Intelligence Application for Entrepreneurs, Chartered Accountants and Bookkeepers. The app is made available on Web and Mobile platforms.
With an extremely User-Friendly Mobile Interface, Finsights facilitates Entrepreneurs to stay on top of their Finances by easing the access and understandability of Tally Information to Entrepreneurs. Users can set custom alerts and automation to receive WhatsApp alerts on Business Transactions of their choice. Entrepreneurs can derive business insights from their Tally Data from anywhere and seamlessly access and share Ledger reports through WhatsApp and emails. also allows Auditors to audit their Clients’ Tally Data on the web from anywhere and keep track of all audit points. With, Chartered Accountants can continuously stay connected with their Client’s Tally Data and seamless switch between multiple Clients.
Finsights strives to provide an intuitive platform that helps bridge the gap between Entrepreneurs/ CA’s and their Tally Data.