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Logo Infosoft Joins Hands With APRA & Associates LLP

Business Wire India

Logo Infosoft, a technology leader in providing GST compliant business solutions to MSMEs in India, has announced the launch of its easy-to-use mobile ERP application ‘Vyapari’ for SMEs, MSMEs and trader community, that facilitates recording and processing of all kinds of accounting transactions. Like all products of Logo Infosoft, ‘Vyapari’ is GST compliant. This user-friendly application, delivers seamless processing of business data, providing accuracy for chartered accountants (CAs) to file taxes in a timely manner. Vyapari's state-of-the-art accounting and GST Compliant Mobile ERP solution will make life easier for 100K MSMEs.

After free download of this app on their existing Android or Apple based mobile phone, the users simply have to register using their respective GST number and start selling/purchasing. Once active, ‘Vyapari’, takes care of all inward and outward processes including purchase order, sales invoices, material dispatches and accounting entries that get performed under strict compliance. The app allows to generate statutory reports recommended by GSTN to file GSTR. This app also has a built-in barcode scanning system which takes care of managing inventory accurately.

‘Vyapari’ data is 100% secured where only the authorized users and their approved CAs selected by you can access the information, taking care of access rights and required security protocol. You can easily change list of authorized users.

The Company is targeting to enable SME and MSME clients from all markets, including Tier II and Tier III cities. Looking at the upcoming Independence Day, Logo Infosoft is offering this app for an affordable introductory price Rs 499/- a month, where up to 5 users can have freedom from GST related issues and concentrate on the business. The Company is also in the process of tying-up with payment gateways for further easing transactions.

‘Vyapari’, is another flagship product of Logo, which is a technology leader known to provide similar solutions to its lakhs of customers in Eastern Europe. Logo entered India coinciding with GST introduction and elegantly solved GST complexity guided by the phrase ‘ZERO TENSION’. The Company is already known for its expertise in providing GST friendly solutions, especially for SMEs and traders.

APRA & Associates LLP, one of the top chartered accountants firm in Delhi, believe that ‘Vyapari’ will ease the burden of doing business under GST related complications and people will be able to concentrate on expanding the business. ‘Vyapari’ allows the user to run his business from a simple mobile app, while enabling the accountants and CAs to maintain the accounting entries in real time avoiding human errors and additional data entry burden. This provides unhindered monitoring and control to the user without being worried about GST compliances.

Commenting on the launch, Mr Vinod Subramanian, CEO, Logo Infosoft Business Technology Pvt. Ltd. said, “India has seen a jump of registered MSEs and MSMEs from 50 lakhs to 1.10 crore and the Government expects the number to cross 3 crores in next 2-4 years. Although the government is doing its bit to ease the procedural issues, there has always been a need for a solution like ‘Vyapari’ to help small & micro businesses to take care of GST related compliances so that they can run their businesses in a smooth and efficient manner. Even if 5% of the current number of businesses use the solution, it will boost the overall productivity in India by leaps and bounds.”

The Indian GST and tax regulations are modelled like European systems. Logo has the experience of catering to the requirements for SMEs, micro companies in Europe. Every year, Logo files over 130 million of taxation filings for lakhs of customers across Europe. Adding further to this, Vinod said, “Small business owners need very affordable and simple-to-use technology tool without the need to understand the GST. They need the confidence that by using this solution, all their GST requirements would be met without hassle. Besides accounting and taxation filings, ‘Vyapari’ also helps in audit trials and can provide all the necessary data when required.”

Commenting on the launch, Mr Raman Kumar Gupta, Partner, APRA & Associates LLP said, “’Vyapari’ is a unique solution which is bridging the gap between traders and CAs & other tax professionals. It is capable of doing ease of business to dealers. It shall help the dealers to maintain reports and book of accounts in a better way on one hand and to make compliances of GST on the other hand with the help of tax practitioner. The solution will also provide a professional touch to small and medium businesses where there is a lot of confusion around GST especially when overall accounting is still unorganised. With ‘Vyapari’, We will now be able to expand our wings for small and medium businesses and leverage on the positive goodwill of APRA amongst its clients.”