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Leveraging the Power of Content and Context – Techademy’s Content as a Service Addresses the Need of the Hour of L&D

Content or in this context, Learning Content plays a major role in shaping long lasting learning experiences. With decades of experience in helping organizations deliver high performance L&D programs, Techademy – Industry’s preferred Learning Experience Platform puts content at the heart of its offerings. Even more than the content, it is also the context that Techademy adds which solves the need of the hour – Transforming learning into application in real time. Techademy’s Content as a Service combines the power of both to create rich learning experiences across multiple L&D initiatives.

Whether it is role based training, learn before joining program for freshers, induction for new employees, or full stack training, Techademy offers customized content and catalogues to organizations enabling effective learning outcomes of the program. The simplicity of the model is that an organization could choose any mode of learning – self-paced, virtual instructor-led, or blended using Content as a Service with Techademy. Its vast library also comes integrated along with the unified learning experience platform.

Adding to its strength, in a recent major update, Techademy announced the availability of over 7800 courses on its unified Learning Experience Platform across multiple domains and technologies like Cloud, Big Data, AI, ML, web technologies, IT operations, Network & Security, and Productivity Software. The highlight of this update is also the addition of Courses on ‘Soft Skills’ and ‘Business Skills’ on popular demand of the industry.

Shedding light on the new update, Techademy Founder, Keshava Raju commented, “As the focus of learning moved from skill addition to application of concepts on the job, predominantly in the recent times, our courses are designed on three principles – learning comprehension, retention, and practical application. Our content library features courses on latest technologies and tools needed for the 21st century tech workforce. Organizations want their employees’ learning to be holistic. They need to be prepared for any unprecedented volatility in the industry. Our recent addition of courses on Soft Skills and Business Skills in complement to the necessary core skills are towards that endeavour to future proof the workforce of today.”

With its revamped content library, Techademy emerges as one of the largest tech content platforms for continuous learning and development.