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Lehagen and Cascade Partnered to Bring BioPurifiers and BioSense Technologies to India

Lehagen, a technology distribution company with strong global partners, has signed a deal worth of 3 million USD with multiple partners across India. With Lehagen and Cascade sign a contract to bring BioPurifiers and BioSense technologies to India 
Cascade Air Technologies Incorporated. Cascade Air Technologies Inc is a bio-purification and air quality sensing company based in the USA. Cascade manufacture hyper-local BioPurification and BioSense products to kill viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms and it reduces particulate matter, volatile chemical compounds, and other harmful pollutants.
This alliance aims to provide safety in public spaces like malls, commercial office spaces, schools, colleges, shops, supermarkets, banks, and ATMs, where more people gather. Cascade Air Technologies endeavour to create both indoor residences and community indoor spaces a much more hygienic and healthy lifestyle by concentrating on air purification and bio purifications by eliminating the microorganisms.
“Every human being deserves to live in a clean, green, and BioPurified environment. Lehagen aims to provide a clean environment across Asia.”
– Prasanna, Commercial Director, Lehagen Private Limited
“Lehagen with a strong network dealers & distributors trained 1200+ system integrators across India, Middle East, Africa, Europe & ASEAN countries, we built relationships and support entrepreneurs in taking quality products, we look forward to using this our network to provide bio purified air to people.”
– Mohammed Ajhas, Sales Director, Lehagen Private Limited
“Cascade BioPurifier and BioSense are one of the best in the world”
-Tilak Ravi Krishnaswamy, Director – Global Product Marketing
The company is inviting businesses to partner with them in distribution networks across South Asia & India.