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KnowYourMeds Selected Among the Top 5 Winners in the Grand Challenge on Strengthening CoWin

KnowYourMeds Vaccine Management Solution Reaches the Final Stage to Assist the Government of India Embark on the World’s Largest Vaccine Drive
KnowYourMeds, Inc., an innovative digital health assistant designed to make medical information and adherence accessible to anyone in the world, announced today that it has been selected to compete in the final phase in the Grand Challenge for Strengthening CoWIN (Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network) launched by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) in collaboration with Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) to effectively roll out and scale-up the mechanism for the Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution System.

The CoWIN system is a subset of the COVID India Portal which provides end to end management of COVID19. The government is looking at emerging technologies like AI and ML to manage COVID19, to check for better monitoring of vaccinated patients and public in general. Keeping this in mind Grand Challenge has been organized to harness the talent and innovative ideas of startups like KnowYourMeds in seven different problem statements that span logistics, registration of beneficiaries, deduplication of beneficiaries in case of migrations across the country, vaccine tracking, side effects monitoring following immunization and a learning management system for frontline workers. It is being organized in a phased manner where Phase – I of this challenge envisages to enable vaccination for over 300 million people.

KnowYourMeds will work closely with the two Ministries to further strengthen the vaccine distribution and its seamless administration across India in the following areas:

  • Achieving high adherence rates from frontline and health care workers who will be administering the vaccines.
  • Ensuring portability across the country to account for patient travel between vaccination sessions and geography.
  • Collecting reports of adverse events following immunization.
  • A virtual care platform allowing healthcare workers to get in audio/video touch with medical professionals if/when the need arises.

“We are honored and thrilled to have been selected by the Ministries of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) and Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) to be an integral part of this massive vaccine drive. Our AI driven digital health assistant, designed for use either by end users or caregivers, has already seen great success in the US as well as India, with over 300,000 downloads. We are grateful for this opportunity to work with the Indian Government to develop a solution tailored for this incredibly important mission,” said Shwetika Kumar, Country Head for KnowYourMeds India.

KnowYourMeds has a suite of healthcare products in the B2B and B2C space – from a consumer app that assists people in early screening and prevention, managing conditions and medications to a telehealth portal that leverages AI assisting doctors in faster and better diagnosis and treatment for patients. KnowYourMeds’ foray into telehealth started in April 2020 when ICMR came out with operational guidelines around telemedicine. Since then, the telemedicine portal has come a long way. The company has filed a patent on AI diagnostics in the last year and is looking to expand its capabilities to the screening, timely intervention and treatment of neurological disorders and auto immune conditions with help of AI and ML algorithms. “We want to herald an era of preventative care in India where currently hospitals are ‘monuments to disease’ focused mostly on curative care, detached from the larger social, economic, cultural, and political context of the people’s lives which largely determines their health,” said Shwetika.

With the imminent availability of Covid 19 vaccines to most adults in the US, KnowYourMeds has also recently launched its “Safe Return to Work” initiative in the US, designed to help employers manage the process of safely bringing back employees.

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