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Joboy to Begin Service Operations in Canada and Azerbaijan

Joboy, the technology-based services platform, transforms on-demand services to customers, utilising technology to deliver quick solutions. After making a mark in the unorganised business sector in India, UK, and UAE, Joboy services are soon going to be operational in Canada and Azerbaijan.
Joboy was conceptualised to fulfill the daily service requirements of consumers, saving them time, effort, and money. With its transparent service rates and willingness for constant correction based on customer feedback, Joboy keeps itself accountable to its customers.
They make available a variety of services, which range from daily household needs to technical requirements of corporates. Home maintenance, cleaning, appliance repair services, and business and technology services, are few amongst their fields of expertise. Customers can either book a service urgently or schedule it according to their convenience, and Joboy service partners are available to assist at all hours. Joboy also assists individuals who struggle to market their services and products by enabling them through the power of technology.
The easy-to-use mobile application and website give a wide choice of services. Customers can avail electricians, plumbers, mechanics, delivery persons, and much more through a single platform. To aid its customers during the pandemic, the team made available home sanitisation facilities and essential delivery services. All of this exemplifies the company’s keen vision to empathise with the needs of the people.
The simplification of the customer experience has been a concern for its founders since the beginning. Their service provider base is quite large, which enables them to provide speedy services. The record time of service delivery is within 8-10 minutes of a request received from the customer. With electronic invoices, PCI DSS compliant policies, and multiple platforms for online payments, Joboy keeps up with market trends. Pre-defined prices and service warranty makes them a trusted online service provider. Professionals with many years of experience are brought in to provide their services through the company. This is after a thorough background verification, thus ensuring security and quality services to all its customers.
According to Joboy Founder & CEO Jeevan Varghese, like every start-up, the company has had its share of initial hurdles in customer acquisition and revenue growth. However, with their technology-based flexible business model and unique pricing strategy, they have overcome all of it, proving to be a worthy competitor in the services aggregator industry.
The pricing strategy that applies to all their services is fair to the customers as well as service partners. It ensures quality service to maintain long-term relationships with the customers. Having dedicated partners in the local service industry coupled with simple technology eliminates all efforts of the individuals to find trustworthy service experts. With all this, it would not be a surprise that the company has more than a 45% returning customer base.
With its secure technology systems and pre-determined service rates, the company has upward mobility. It takes pride in its awards and achievements as recognition from customers in the market. The company’s current business model enables them to seek further opportunities in the service market.
The technological innovations within Joboy have created a platform customizable according to the location and local needs, enabling the company to expand its services easily, says Jees Kariyil, co-founder. Their local sector services were initially made available to the people in India and the UK. Joboy services are available currently in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kochi, Trivandrum, and Thrissur, and will soon be available in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Lucknow, and Chandigarh.
The founders created this platform with the vision to formalise the unorganised service industry around the world. It has successfully marked its presence in the UK, India, and UAE, and is now launching services to the markets in Canada and Azerbaijan. It will be a great leap to establish its customer base in the larger regions of the world. The services that Joboy will provide here would be suited for the local needs of any population, thus, enabling the company to pave its way in the service industry of these regions.
Joboy stands true to its meaning of being good at everything. They are serving their purpose of untangling the complexities in people’s lives. Their customer base is seeing an extensive growth rate thanks to their innovative ideas. The simplicity in availing of their services enables them to root themselves in the service industry. The online platform is their creative asset, which broadens their reach in the market, provides a collection of services, and creates employment opportunities. With extremely dedicated founders, innovative employees, and committed group of service partners, Joboy is growing as a leading player in the services aggregator industry.