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Javaji in Germany

Business Wire IndiaKrishna Javaji arrived in Germany in 1990 as a student. He started working in a large-scale metal company and quickly understood the evolution in IT. Industry 3.0 had fundamentally changed the way German companies work. Mr. Javaji recognized the need for IT specialists and that domestic workers alone cannot meet this need. He recognized his chance to become self-employed.

Through his insight and credibility, he quickly achieved the respect of his customers, thanks to his strong network in the US, Europe and India through which he could get the desired staff to the satisfaction of customers and convince them of a job in Germany.

He quickly realized that this staff had to be trained to work requirements in Germany and local conditions. He has consistently implemented this right from the start and has optimized it to this day.

Since his wife came from the textile industry, she made a name for herself in the emerging textile sector with his help, as a select supplier of high-quality textiles and workwear. The textiles were initially sourced from India and later from around the world. Eurotextiles, a company founded in 2000, is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality textiles and industrial work-wear to a large customer base across Europe.

Mr. and Mrs. Javaji are a strong team and support each other, be it in the textile sector or in the IT sector.

Today, after building a strong network and credible reputation in the industry (both in textile and in IT) for more than two decades, Mr. Javaji spotted the revolution in the HR market. Today, he can be considered “the game changer” through the use of the latest technology, such as machine learning, algorithms, and data-driven recruitment in the HR and talent industries.

In this context, he said, “For over 20 years, I've been in the recruiting industry, investing time and resources in finding the right talent and knowing the challenges of finding ‘Mr. Right Talent’. The time has come for great innovation in the HR departments. Today, technology is used in the field of Big Data, data science and machine learning. A social networked talent pool can be combined with these technologies to find the right talent for our clients.”

Mr. Krishna Javaji works with seasoned technocrats in the emerging fields of AI, robotics, industry 4.0, machine learning, and data science to bring out Talentsteps, the next generation talent tool that will transform the dynamics of the talent and hiring industry.