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Innovating for Necessity – What Made Keka the Leading HRMS Provider in India

Innovation is moving faster than ever within the IT sphere. Many inventions are purposeful and necessary while some are happy accidents. These innovations need not be life-changing, yet there are a few who have revolutionized the industry with their creation- more so, due to their ability of filling the voids left by their junky counterparts.

One of such inventions is Keka, India’s leading HRMS software, that disrupted the HR world with its birth. The company identified the crisis that existed in the HR arena and recognized the need for improved continuity of services. Their focus on solving the pain points of the HR world rather than racing with their competitors to grow the clientele drove Keka to what it is today- the choice of 3750+ companies.

Back in 2015, companies were busy designing products using outdated technology and pathetic user experience. The clunky interfaces and lack of functionalities that offered no concrete help to the business world compelled the founder to think differently. Thus, Keka took birth.

What went well for the company was its identification of the functional gaps when the HR tech market was desperately in need of an able product. With the vision of setting the tone and defining the solution to reimagine the industry, Keka started adopting practices that could make the product more scalable, efficient and comprehensive.

The new approach of dealing with the HR world problems worked for the company as they became disruptive business builders and grew their product both vertically and horizontally.

Keka seized the market opportunities and technical possibilities to create actionable solutions. They said they work with the motive of developing ways to tackle business challenges, not just to attract customers for the sole purpose of filling their banks. They constantly iterate the product to armor it with distinct characteristics through creativity and innovation.

Keka is on a mission to create digital workplaces where employees can flourish to do their best and feel included. This mentality, they said, has allowed them to open new doors in the HR tech world. The company helps HRs to automate all the mundane and tedious tasks to concentrate on activities more crucial to the HR biosphere.

Their products are scalable, configurable and easy enough for even any non-IT related person to use- paying heed to making it as simple as possible. Through this, they managed to outdo themselves over the years with the core value of developing a commendable user experience matched with a people-first attitude.

While developing their software, the company realized that there were many more issues, for which people found a way around instead of solving. Today, Keka listens and documents the problems of every customer to resolve them by creating a better employee cycle and an improved product. Through this, Keka launched at least 25 major releases in the product and 184 new features within the last one year, which strengthened the product further and scaled up the growth.

Keka transformed the HR arena and started a movement to prioritize user and employee experience. This movement pushed the prevailing software companies in the HRMS sector to improve themselves. Several budding and proclaimed companies followed their footsteps in regards to the features they offered and the experience their software provided to every user- be it an employee or an employer.

What had started in 2015 as an HR automation software company, out of frustration due to the other options that sucked, has now progressed to become an inspiration in the HR fraternity.

Keka understands the importance of adoption and hence offers a far more easier implementation process. While other software companies take 6-7 months to get implemented, Keka gets up and running within no time through its and plug and play system. Meanwhile, the complex migration of the entire HRMS data into the new HRMS system is also accelerated with much easier steps.

Having helped thousands of HR professionals within a span of just 4 and a half years for starting there digital HR transformation journey, they are now looking towards expanding Keka geographically.

Their end mission is to take the world by storm and leverage the potential they hold by entering the bigger space with their Indian roots. They are aware of the intricacies of the HR arena and identify Keka as the medium to tackle each problem of the field as it comes.

They say they will continue their odyssey towards innovating mindful, efficient and necessary products to make Work Life easier with each passing day.