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Infostretch Collaborates with INDIASHIELD to Deliver Citizen-Led COVID Assistance Across India

As part of its Ignite philanthropic program, Infostretch announced today that it has partnered with INDIASHIELD to support the expansion of its citizen-led COVID support services across India. As India continues to battle the spread of COVID, INDIASHIELD was conceived to support Indians struggling with access to medical services and accurate information. The service is run entirely by volunteers (currently a team of over 500 concerned people), all of whom are aiming to both alleviate the impact of the pandemic and save lives.


The service bridges the gap between those seeking help and emergency medical resource providers. The support provided could be anything from providing accurate information about vaccination options to checking on hospital bed availability so that someone in need of medical attention can get access to help, close to their location. To date, INDIASHIELD has facilitated over 1,500 hospital bed bookings, 3,000+ ambulance bookings and provided support to hospitals and organizations in need of COVID-related resources across India.


INDIASHIELD works with citizens from across 150 cities and has over 100 partners in its alliance, working together to provide support and help for those seeking help across all of India.


To support this initiative Infostretch created a software platform that connects volunteers and support partners with people in need. INDIASHIELD has now supported 114,000 requests for help, with 74,000 of those requests coming in over the last two months, as India dealt with the Delta variant of the virus. Other organizations supporting INDIASHIELD include AWS (Amazon Web Services), WhatsApp, InterMiles, World Wide Technology, BMC, Parentune, FlexiLoan, Invest India, Government of Maharashtra, GOQii, Yulu, Manah Health, MedsForMore, Gateway Platforms, Zoho, Make My Trip, Concentrix, Haptik and TEDxGateway.


“How could one sleep when the nation was in turmoil?” said Manish Dureja, CEO of InterMiles. “Each one of us had to step up and do our bit to help the nation navigate through these tough times. Kudos to the INDIASHIELD team and volunteers for their constant endeavor to save lives with the utmost dedication. InterMiles remains committed to INDIASHIELD as we collaborate on more ideas to benefit consumers and society at large.”


“Catastrophes can bring out the best in people and we have seen that first-hand with the heroic work that INDIASHIELD’s volunteers have been undertaking,” said Rutesh Shah, CEO and Founder of Infostretch. “We knew we had to help and what we could provide was a data and communications infrastructure that would remain stable and would support them for the duration of the crisis. We are proud that we could play a part in helping them as they help thousands of people in need.”


“If ever there was a time to pull together and work for the common good, it is now. It is sadly not an exaggeration to say that lives have been lost due to information not reaching the people who need it,” commented Yashraj Akashi, Founding Team Member of INDIASHIELD. “Our role is to fix this information gap and that’s why the support of companies like Infostretch has been invaluable. It allows us to provide a reliable service and connect the dots at a local level so that people get the information and medical attention that they need.”


Infostretch continues to support Indian and global efforts to help minimize the impact of the pandemic. In July, the company brought together teams of developers from around the world for its HACK2VAX digital hackathon, with the intention of uncovering new and innovative ways to tackle the global challenge of vaccine distribution.


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