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Infoglen Builds a Robust and Agile Tool for Talent Acquisition, Powered by its Expertise on Salesforce

Infoglen, the Silicon Valley-based advanced Salesforce partner, has announced an in-house Talent Acquisition (TA) tool that it has developed & deployed using its Salesforce expertise, which has resulted in an increase of 5x in interviews and 4x in onboarding.

The TA tool, which was initially built by Infoglen to amplify its hiring process efficiency, has significantly simplified recruiting, tracking, and interviewing candidates with a reduced onboarding timeline, thus making it fully geared to achieve great results for any enterprise. It’s now easier & faster to schedule interviews and capture feedback with automated assessment forms & interview guidelines. Also, the tool simplifies candidate resume recovery with a keyword-based search and sends automated emails to candidates to obtain data during recruitment. Now, the hiring teams, panel, and leadership have a 360-degree view of all open offers, interview feedbacks, new hires & candidates shortlisted, saving major time & effort.

Sharaf Hoda, Infoglen’s Head of Talent Acquisition (TA) commented, “With the TA tool, all involved teams can now view every detail of the recruitment process in one place which has resulted in improved coordination & synergy of each TA agent. We are working on further evolving this tool to automate upcoming processes and include new features, based on business requirement.
I congratulate our Business Systems Engineering team for creating a tool that streamlines the entire recruitment & hiring process, and sharpens Infoglen’s efforts to bring in the best talent,” said Haroon Ahmad, Infoglen’s Co-founder & CEO. “Having employed this tool for our needs, which continues to get more complex as we grow rapidly, our teams of developers & QA engineers have a full grasp of how to adapt this tool as processes scale up and business needs advance,” added Haroon.