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ImpactWayv™ Launches Social Media Platform Focused on Social Good

ImpactWayv, Inc. today announced the public launch of its pioneering social media platform, ImpactWayv™, which is now available to download on the Apple App Store. The new platform’s focus is to connect people, businesses and philanthropy for social good.


Designed to be a healthier and more meaningful alternative to major social networking platforms, ImpactWayv was created to drive collective impact across causes and communities. The platform operates as an entirely new kind of digital ecosystem, enabling users to effect, engage in and share social impact on a global scale.


Users of ImpactWayv will be able to connect and interact with each other through each of its core components, including:


  • Public and private personal networks and content feeds to engage with and create impact.
  • The “Impact Market” – a public exchange of transparent impact profiles of businesses and nonprofits for all to compare, follow, engage with and directly support.
  • “Wayvs” (social impact causes, topics, trends and broader issue areas) – an organizing framework for purpose-driven content and information across the platform.

“ImpactWayv is democratizing social impact for all,” said Dan Rubino, Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ImpactWayv, Inc. “Finally, there is a purpose-built social media platform that gives consumers, brands, businesses and nonprofits a way to explore, create, engage and transact across all categories of daily life, with more meaning, more purpose and more goodwill.”


Engagement on the platform is driven by dozens of Wayvs™ ranging across social impact cause areas and covering various topics relating to the interplay of business, philanthropy and individual effort to drive social good. Some examples include Climate Action; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I); Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Human Rights; Public Health; Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG); Voter Registration; and Renewable Energy. Wayvs facilitate and encourage user discoverability and engagement across the platform. Users tap them to find relevant impact discussions and initiatives, as well as like-minded individuals, companies and nonprofits that share their commitment to the causes they care about.


“An unprecedented interest in social action has been building globally for some time, further accelerated and focused by recent events,” said George Dolatly, Co-Founder and President of ImpactWayv, Inc. “People need a way to explore and express their values. Businesses need to use their resources and influence to make things better. And nonprofits need to leverage their missions for maximum effectiveness. ImpactWayv meets this unique moment in time by linking people and organizations around the world on a deeper level.”


To catalyze user engagement, ImpactWayv also created a groundbreaking tool to measure a user’s impact on their digital community, through the platform’s signature “Impact” metric, which tracks a user’s positive “ripple effect” across the platform, in real time.


“Our ambition at ImpactWayv is to disrupt and transform the worlds of business and philanthropy through technology,” said Benji Bernstein, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of ImpactWayv, Inc. “Through our extraordinary blend of seasoned leaders and trailblazers in the worlds of corporate purpose, philanthropy and technology, we believe we have created a powerful business model that will advance universal social good.”


ImpactWayv is now available for free download on the Apple App Store and will be available on Google Play and other non-iOS devices later this year. Companies and nonprofits are also invited to contact ImpactWayv to become a member of the platform, which will enable them to claim their profile, initiate an engagement strategy on ImpactWayv and become a “Featured Organization” on the platform.


About ImpactWayv, Inc.
ImpactWayv, Inc. is a social impact media and technology company, consisting of thought leaders and doers from across the business, nonprofit and technology sectors. ImpactWayv was created to disrupt and transform the worlds of business and philanthropy through technology – to advance universal social good. For more information, please visit: