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Hytera Releases Whitepaper of Radio Over Satellite Solutions

Hytera, together with its subsidiaries Norsat, have recently released a white paper to highlight the importance of radio over satellite solutions on a global scale.


This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:


Hytera Releases Whitepaper of Radio Over Satellite Solutions (Graphic: Business Wire)

Hytera Releases Whitepaper of Radio Over Satellite Solutions (Graphic: Business Wire)

Communication Challenges Faced by Industries


As communication requirements evolved drastically, it has become imperative to enhance connectivity between organizations, world-wide teams, and employees on the field. Radio communications play an essential role in this regard, especially in public safety, emergency rescue, firefighting, fleet operations and mining applications. Most radio networks use line of sight propagation or have fixed repeater stations.


When there is no radio network signal coverage on site, command center is not able to reach the personnel on site. In this case, the use of communications satellites as a communications repeater can provide a remote cross-territory transmission route for on-site radio network communications, to achieve voice, data, image transmission; improve the capacities of emergency handling, decision making, command and control, emergency linkage, resource allocation; and ensure full-time, all-area and all-weather communications.


Benefits of Radio Over Satellite Communication


Remote radio networks can be unified with fixed landlines, cellular systems, or Push-To-Talk (PTT) radios facilitating encrypted, real-time direct voice and data communications to headquarters, control centers or operations rooms. With the right systems engineering and technology partner, Radio Over Satellite solutions are easy to manage and deploy. They can be operated remotely and unattended after installation, making them perfect solutions for communication in uncertain environments.


Careful engineering is required to ensure audio quality, latency, jitter, and bandwidth of digital radio systems over satellite. Congestion and management of remote networks can be mitigated with careful planning, QOS, SLAs, TCP acceleration and bandwidth compression. Testing has also confirmed that there is no discernable degradation in audio quality using radio over satellite systems. Thorough planning and designing of network to maximize limited bandwidth usage and link budget are required for projects involving these applications.


As a global leading provider of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) solutions, Hytera not only provides users with TETRA, DMR, PDT, LTE products and solutions, but also combines Norsat’s rich experience in satellite communication to jointly offer the entire set of services from solution design to project installation. By making full use of the advantages of satellite communications, Hytera has established a reliable and stable radio communication network over satellite for business- and mission-critical users, supporting command and dispatch system services to meet the communication needs of daily operation and emergency response.


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About Hytera


Hytera Communications Corporation Limited is a leading global provider of professional communications technologies and solutions. With voice, video and data capabilities, Hytera provides faster, safer, and more versatile connectivity for business and mission critical users. Hytera enables customers to achieve more in both daily operations and emergency response to make the world more efficient and safer.


About Norsat


Norsat International Inc. was acquired by Hytera in 2017. Norsat was founded in 1977, is a leading provider of innovative communication solutions that enable the transmission of data, audio and video for remote and challenging applications. Norsat’s products and services include customizable satellite components, portable satellite terminals, maritime solutions and satellite networks.