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How Marketers Can Capitalise on Christmas Season – Pravin Chandan, Veteran Marketer

Business Wire IndiaChristmas is without a doubt one of the most wonderful times of the year. And as Christmas approaches, people are happy, excited and more receptive to brands’ marketing efforts. This is the best opportunity for brands to connect with prospects and experience sentiments of friendship and gratitude throughout the holidays.

However, given the multitude of Christmas advertisements that consumers are bombarded with, capturing their attention can be difficult. In an effort to help marketers make the best of the season, Mr Pravin Chandan, a veteran marketer with over 2 decades of experience shares his thoughts & ideas on keeping marketing fresh this season.

“As a brand, you can now leverage these sentiments into emotional relationships with your consumers, which will help you develop trust and credibility. It is the most effective technique for your brand to establish a positive impression on clients and stand out from the rest,” says Pravin Chandan.

To create a solid marketing plan that can bring in floods of revenue, brands will need to focus on an array of things. Pravin Chandan considers a few facets of this plan non-negotiable.

Providing a comfortable experience for customers
Although the holidays are a happy time of year, they are also known for causing stress, particularly when it comes to present buying. Consumer stress may be alleviated by offering helpful suggestions and methods to make their experience even better. Brands should concentrate efforts on creating content that is relevant to products or services, as well as customer requirements and presenting them in a palatable way. Readers will not become customers if brands impose their items or services on them.
Know the customers and understand what they want
Sales during the festive and holiday seasons are about more than merely discounts and bargains. Consumers also want to buy certain things at this time, and brands must recognise and address this demand in order for seasonal marketing campaigns to be successful.

“For example, everyone is seeking ways to surprise their friends and family over the holidays. If you incorporate themes like gifting & secret santa, within your campaigns, you are sure to see higher engagement,” says Pravin Chandan, looking back upon various Christmas campaigns he has been a part of shaping.
Personalizing websites with a Christmas theme
The ultimate Christmas marketing effort may be to prepare websites for consumers. A new homepage design and Christmas themes have been proven to show increased user engagement, which improves the overall user experience. This also provides brands the unique opportunity to brighten up websites & landing pages. After all, by adding festive items, brands may even be giving their digital presence a much-needed refresh.

Showing gratitude to consumers
Consumers often spend a substantial amount of time over the holiday season contemplating what and where they want to spend their money on for gift-giving. As a result, even the most devoted and loyal customers may shop elsewhere this christmas season.

Mr Pravin Chandan muses that…”If you want to entice new and returning customers back into your store, you must stay top-of-mind. Gratitude is a great holiday marketing technique for keeping customers engaged and loyal to your business. Show customers how important they are to your brand.”
Encouraging interactions
Brands may have many avenues to connect with the audience, be it through their website, blog, or social media profiles. While the brand can concentrate on communicating with customers during the Christmas season, it’s critical to keep in touch with customers all year. For instance, they can write an Instagram post asking followers what they’re most looking forward to this Christmas season. After that, the team can reply to comments with tailored replies that users will remember. It is important for the team to reply to both bad and good comments.
Creating a Christmas collection of products
Examining the products that a brand has under it and what clients are frequently purchasing can lead to the curation of a perfectly tailored Christmas season discount collection. These could be particular things that are provided at a reduced price for a limited time.
Lastly, Using Historical Data
It’s essential to evaluate past data while considering the ideal Christmas marketing approach. Because no two businesses are alike, instead of depending on a one-size-fits-all marketing approach, brands should build and use your marketing holiday strategy based on their own statistics. They can comprehend their website traffic, find out audience demographics, monitor the conversion rate, and receive other major benefits by utilising Google Analytics. Examining prior Christmas statistics to see what offers the most value for money and what wasn’t can also add value.
“While these ideas provide a small glimpse into how to carry out a successful campaign, it may not be sufficient to reach individual goals. For the same, we carry out regular courses & put out educational content on our Instagram, Medium & Website.”
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