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How GroCurv Is Helping Young Marketing Agencies Find the Best Clients in a Post-Covid World

Marketplaces and technologies have worked very hard over the past decade to bring buyers and sellers together whether it’s Amazon or Flipkart or Myntra. Marketplaces allow buyers to find sellers and sellers to find a convenient way to find buyers.
Marketplace technology is now being used in services as well. Companies like 90seconds and are creating the Amazon experience for agencies. In India too, services marketplaces are now developing. Some are targeted specifically at SMBs allowing young fast growing companies to find the right marketing agency and at the same time also creating the marketplace for young fast-growing agencies to find the right clients. So, a B2B Marketplace targeted at SMB buyers and SMB sellers of marketing services.
This is democratizing marketing Services procurement. Whether PR, social media, performance marketing, content writing, market research, lead generation or any other marketing service. Young agencies from as far away as Assam, Orissa, Bihar are finding clients in other parts of the country- In Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and providing quality service.
Small Agencies are often handicapped by their inability to spend on marketing their own services. Often business comes through word of mouth or referrals. Now technology-driven marketplaces allow these agencies to showcase their capabilities far away. Agencies can learn about this here: is a marketing agency platform that has led democratisation of marketing services. Helping young agencies based out of key urban towns and Tier 1/2 cities like Bhubaneswar, Patna, Calcutta, Guwahati, Baroda, Lucknow acquiring customers in the large Metropolitan cities. And these agencies are helping many SMEs in diverse industries expand their global footprint and attain business objectives not just in India but abroad.
These platforms are built on technology that uses algorithms and creates trust, transparency and reliability. promises a milestone based payment system using an escrow account. Technology and new business ideas are certainly helping change the marketing services landscape.
With clients becoming as comfortable with remote and online interactions these marketplaces for marketing services are allowing agencies to engage far beyond their geographical limitations. As India heads to a 5 trillion dollar economy, SMEs are certainly going to drive this growth- but now technology will allow them to find the right marketing partners from across the country right for their business.
“Our partner agencies are nimble, innovative and responsive. Over INR 75 Cr worth of RFPs have been shared on the platform since 2019 and are now looking ahead at a 10 times increase in agency partners and platform revenue,” say Vipul Gupta and Venkatesh Rangachari, Co-founders, GroCurv.
“We believe agencies are a vital partner to SMB clients looking to grow fast. In the next 5 years, we want to have at least 5000 agencies from across the country find 30-40% of their revenue coming from GroCurv.”
NOTE: GroCurv has helped many such agencies and now contributes to almost 50-60% of incremental new business for these agencies by helping them showcase their credentials and capabilities to win clients across the country. Visit to know more or visit to read about our journey.