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Himanshu B Patel Acquired Significant Stakes In India’s Cleantech Startup Ushva Clean Technology

This strategic acquisition by Himanshu Patel becomes critical especially in light when Triton Solar’s considerable interest and investment commitments in the area of clean technology. India is a potential rich growing market in clean technology and eco-mobility domain. Currently, Triton Solar has a business in eleven countries including the U.S.

Himanshu Patel, Founder & CEO of New Jersey Based Triton Solar has acquired a substantial stake in a Mumbai based cleantech start-up Ushva Clean Technology Pvt. Ltd. for an undisclosed amount. This strategic alliance becomes critical especially in light when Triton Solar has shown considerable interest and investment commitments in the area of clean technology along with India as a growing market. Currently, Triton Solar has a business in eleven countries including the US.

With this strategic alliance, Ushva can further ensure their ongoing product & services development are fast-tracked and also can explore International markets especially North America wherein Triton Solar has a significant presence.

A major strategic alliance between Triton Solar & Ushva leads to the announcement of the development of the fastest everyday electric car in India which will be launched globally and the same will be a direct competition with all global players in the EV space. This will be a one-of-a-kind car with the highest travel range in a single charge and the unique user experience as well as an acceleration feel. Unlike the history of the Indian automobile industry, this will be the first time that a globally competing new generation car will not only be assembled using procured tech but actually be developed in India. This will be a global shout out for the tech industry especially the Indian & global automotive giants. Triton Solar’s unique battery technology and Ushva’s experienced team from IIT Bombay will be executing the overall development.

Mumbai based Ushva is founded with the vision to offer renewable, affordable, and clean energy devices that can influence societies of all categories. Founded by young IIT Bombay graduates Visat Patel & Ashutosh Kumar having experience in various disciplines who have identified and passed common aspirations and goals aimed to add value in the society’s growing need for clean technology-based solutions. Ushva has won multiple international awards for their work in the energy & IoT space and both the founders are among the 33 under 33 – International Clean Energy Challenge. The team at Ushva has priorly build India’s first electric formula race car which won multiple awards at the Formula Student UK event – Silverstone circuit.

Himanshu is a seasoned entrepreneur from the United States and since last more than 15 years have been working in the area of clean energy. Triton Solar is working in the area of solar and clean energy since 2007. However, his entrepreneurial journey started in 2005. Mr. Himanshu Patel founded Triton Infosys, a company that has been recognized as a premium provider of end-to-end security and surveillance solutions for commercial clients and single focus agencies such as homeland security.

“What impressed us about Ushva is the deep technological developments done by them in the energy space from a clean and sustainable point of view. The development done by them along with the analytics and insights will be solving critical problems in the energy space. Very excited by the talent pool and the passion demonstrated by the team along with the diversity they possess. The backend technology for the EV is very much in place with them and we coming together would get the front end also cracking. Look out for the cars on the roads soon,” – Himanshu Patel.

“Himanshu Patel on board brings in a perfect match with his expertise over the years in the battery and solar space. He has great control over the global markets and has a deep belief in the Indian talent and the India consumption market. The alliance will help us grow our product and services very rapidly all over the globe. Both the partners are complementing each other’s strengths and together the value addition is tremendous. The EV launch is the perfect demonstration of bringing the respective strengths and compounding when brought together,” Visat Patel – Co-Founder USHVA.