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HackerEarth Recruit Continues Exceptional Customer Momentum; Used by More than 4000 Enterprises

Business Wire IndiaHackerEarth today announced that Recruit, a technical assessment platform, is powering the adoption of skill based hiring among Indian enterprise. HackerEarth has acquired a significant share of enterprise customers over the past year across varied sectors. In 2017, over 300 new clients adopted Recruit, including some new Indian enterprise customers such as Itron, Conduit, Intuit, and Dunnhumby, amongst others. Recruit enables these organizations to source top developer talent, technically assess developers through challenges, and conduct interviews.

HackerEarth Recruit allows companies to conduct tests to screen technical candidates. Using Recruit, one can automatically generate tests based on skills, remotely evaluates candidates and get a detailed and objective insight on technical skills of candidates. A candidate assessed through Recruit is evaluated on parameters like logical correctness, memory efficiency of the code, compilation time of the code and code-size limit. HackerEarth Recruit is available for very small businesses for free where they have access to limited features and get 5 test invites. Midsize organisations can use Recruit for as little as $5000 a year.

Per global staffing solutions provider ManpowerGroup, 48 per cent of employers in India report difficulty in filling jobs due to talent shortage. In comparison, the global average is 40 percent. Companies cite lack of available applicants, lack of hard skills (technical competencies) and lack of experience as some of the factors for talent shortage. Hiring today is not limited to sourcing, interviewing and getting the position filled, but also about making the right match between the job description and a candidate’s competence. Despite a million people entering the job market every month in India, a significant percentage of employers in the country face talent shortage as compared to their global counterparts.

With Recruit, customers can leverage the following benefits:

  • Easily integrable with the recruiting workflow of the organization
  • Bias free skill evaluation
  • Improves the quality of candidates in hiring funnel by ensuring relevant shortlisting
  • Automates technical screening process
  • Gives objective and detailed insights to make the right screening decisions
  • Helps even non-tech recruiter to independently screen candidates

In addition to new clients, more than 4,000 enterprises have signed up on Recruit. Firms embracing Recruit range from leading global players such as Amazon, Walmart Labs, Apple and Intuit, to startups such as Voonik, Zomato, Nagarro and MakeMyTrip. Large Indian enterprise buyers, those with 1,000+ employees, have rated Recruit as their top selection for technical assessment that they believe would be most effective in assessing candidates on their technical skills.

Supporting Quotes:

Sachin Gupta, CEO & Co-founder, HackerEarth said, “Traditionally, technical recruitment was associated with candidate’s aptitude only. But enterprises today are seeing value in skill based assessment for various reasons and using a platform like Recruit would help them reap better recruitment benefits. Adoption of skill based assessment platforms like Recruit is gaining momentum among Indian enterprises and in most cases implementing such a platform is a top HR / TA priority.”

Vinay Varma, Sr. R&D Manager, Itron said, “We are extremely pleased with HackerEarth’s timely management of our contract and their excellent customer service. We are currently using Recruit to drive campus recruitments. We have been working with their team since August, signing an initial contract for 2000 test invites. We are satisfied with the initial run and hope to reach many more qualified candidates for our organization. The process of technical hiring is different from other functions and Recruit has made it easier for us to identify and assess the best talent from a large pool of candidates.”