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HackerEarth Launches HackerEarth for Enterprises, an End-to-End Platform to Source, Screen, Interview and Upskill Developer Talent

HackerEarth, the leading solutions provider to attract, hire, upskill and engage developer talent, today launched HackerEarth for Enterprises, the industry’s first comprehensive platform that unites every step of the tech employee lifecycle from sourcing, screening, interviewing and continuously engaging developer and data science talent. This solution unifies all the existing fragmented market solutions in the developer hiring funnel.  
“The problem with building great tech teams today is that the process is fragmented, and companies are forced to stitch together a series of point solutions for screening, interviewing, and upskilling developer and data science talent,” said Sachin Gupta, CEO of HackerEarth. “There needs to be more emphasis on creating dialogue between recruiters and hiring managers on the hiring side and even HR departments and Chief Learning Officers on the L&D side. With HackerEarth for Enterprises, HackerEarth facilitates collaboration between teams and unsilos the hiring and upskilling process so that organizations have a consistent and widely accessible 360-degree view of their tech teams.”
HackerEarth for Enterprises bridges the gap between recruiters, hiring managers, HR departments, Chief Learning Officers, and CIOs to create comprehensive visibility of their developer and data science talent. HackerEarth’s platform-based approach provides significant time and cost savings, allowing everyone who touches developer and data science talent to assess their skills in a single integrated suite.
Organizations can now manage the entire developer lifecycle — from engaging and sourcing talent with ease via hackathons and hiring challenges, to building assessments in minutes, to running super-smooth coding interviews, to upskilling employees as new technologies and trends in software/application development evolve over time. This unlocks skill-based hiring practices that see past pedigree and professional resumes by accurately identifying the most skilled developers in record time and provide a clear pathway to augment and build on their existing skills.
HackerEarth’s end-to-end platform includes robust solutions for companies to:
Attract and Source: HackerEarth’s Hackathons allows companies to engage their internal tech workforce or connect with external developer talent to attract the right caliber of developers. HackerEarth’s community of more than 5.5 million developers represents a readymade talent pipeline, giving recruiters and hiring managers ready access to the best global talent.
Assess: With HackerEarth’s Assessments, companies can objectively evaluate technical skills with the most advanced developer assessment tool out there and conduct accurate coding assessments across 40+ programming languages and 80+ skills, to hire talent remotely. Companies can choose from a massive library of more than 12,000 questions or add their own.
Interview: Using HackerEarth’s FaceCode, companies can efficiently conduct coding interviews both remote and onsite. Companies can run coding interviews with high quality video, a collaborative, real-time code editor with a built-in compiler, and diagram boards. They can also host 1:1 or panel rounds and use HackerEarth’s library of 300+ questions to build a comprehensive interview in a short time. FaceCode also helps benchmark and standardize the interview process through custom evaluation parameters with the added ability to automatically generate interview summaries, so that bias and subjectivity are all but eliminated from coding interviews.
Map Competencies, Upskill, and Engage Internal Talent: HackerEarth’s Assessments also allow you to continuously assess your employees, identify skill gaps, and craft tailored learning paths to keep employees up-to-date and engaged.
HackerEarth for Enterprises is enterprise-ready with integrations from all the leading ATSs, advanced AI-based proctoring, ISO 27001:2013 certified, EU-GDPR compliant, and has a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% with best-in-class support. To learn more, visit: HackerEarth for Enterprises.