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Fynd Organizes Hackxagon, an Open Source Challenge for Its Engineers

Business Wire India

As an initiative to give back to the open source community, Fynd, the unique fashion e-commerce portal had launched, a few months ago. This project enabled the engineers of the fashion e-commerce portal to learn new technologies, improve the core infrastructure and enhance the Fynd platform. However, Fynd wanted to streamline the open sourcing process for which, the fashion e-commerce portal introduced Fynd Hackxagon—Open Source Challenge. The tech team open-sourced 13 projects in a day that were later made available in the Fynd GitHub public account.

All the engineers across domains were asked to form groups or go solo and deliver a project that could be open sourced. The engineers had to open source an entire project in a day and additional time was granted to them as per their circumstances. Some of the projects that were open sourced are:

  • Application Load Balancer Log Parser: ALB Log Parser is a tool built on the serverless framework, which parses the ALB logs and loads them in Athena. Logs can be fetched by simple SQL query on Athena table.

  • Celery Autoscale: Celery Autoscale is a service powered by AWS Lambda that runs every minute and collects total pending task from broker (Redis or RabbitMQ) and put the metric(pendingTask) on Cloudwatch.

  • EC2 Scheduler: This is a service powered by AWS Lambda with a flexibility of configuring start and stop times for EC2 instances.

  • Collator: Collator is a multi-API testing suite to compare responses from different inputs on a single grid.

  • NQ2SQ: This tool enables to convert natural language questions as input and query over MySQL database to answer that questions by transforming questions to appropriate SQL query.

Commenting on the Fynd Hackxagon—Open Source Challenge, Fynd Co-founder, Harsh Shah said, “We announced this drive because we wanted our engineers to understand the joy of contributing, and, at the same time induce creativity in them. The entire event was a whole new experience for all the engineers involved in it. None of our project release timelines was affected because of the Open Source Challenge. The number of iterations and challenges faced during the event gave them a different perspective on the open-source environment. We are happy to have contributed something to the open-source community and look forward to hosting such initiatives regularly.”

Fynd had found a way to support the growth of open source by launching The fashion e-commerce portal makes use of online forums to make people aware of its open source work. Besides, the company has invited the developer community to use its resources and give their feedback in order to further build on the existing projects. Such initiatives, like the Fynd Hackxagon—Open Source Challenge will boost the engineers’ morale and help them give back to the community.