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Firetinas, the First A.I. Thermal Scanner Against CoViD-19 the Corona Virus in China

Firetinas, invented by a group of scholars from Cambridge University and Manchester University, had successfully helped China to control corona virus(CoViD-19). Chinese best practice of public disease control in Schools, hospitals, Government and terminals use Firetinas to quickly differentiate high body temperature individuals from general public.


As there is no effective medicine curing corona virus(CoViD-19) so far, the only strategy to slow down the rapid contagion is the isolation of confirmed coronavirus cases as well as the suspected cases. Large scale crowd body temperature scan proves to be an effective and necessary method as high body temperature is the most conspicuous symptom. Firetinas with build-in A.I. algorithm and chips calculates 3 trillion times per second for body detection of up to 100 individuals. The A.I. algorithm is crucial in forehead temperature measurement which will improve the efficiency by 15 times.


Moreover, body temperature measurement with traditional infrared thermal is constantly disturbed by environment condition. In multitarget temperature measurement, precision is crucial that 0.3 degree variation may mislead the disease control for healthy individuals and high body temperature ones. Firetinas invents the first dual black body calibration algorithm to calibrate the temperature at the precision at 0.2 degrees.


As large infrared system relays on infrared radiation to evaluated surface temperature, distance is another variation of measurement. That’s why normal infrared scanner only measures temperature in 2-3meters, and people 10 meters away will indicate extremely low temperature. Firetinas invents the first distance-radiation compensation algorithm so that the temperature far away can be measured accurately.


Firetinas is now seeking global partners to share its experience of anti-coronavirus in China globally. After the epidemic, Firetinas will offers upgrade suites to extend further functions.