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Etul Reviews: Etul Placed 248 IT Students in MNCs Last Month

As many as 248 etul students got placed in various MNCs last month!

The news came as a pleasant surprise and brought a ray of hope for all those IT job aspirants. Especially in these times of COVID when finding a desired job has become difficult.

etul was successful in placing majority of its students in various IT related domains. That too in reputed multinationals. As per resources, aspiring students had enrolled into various IT related training and placement programs of etul, with the aim to get a good job offer. Finally, they have got what they desired for.

As per the various etul reviews from the successful students, they give the credit of this to the etul training program. The students expressed that they found the training program to be comprehensive, and designed keeping in mind the needs of the industry. It helped them to acquire the required knowledge and skills. A number of students also said that foreign language training was the turning point for them. They expressed their happiness and satisfaction.

According to the trainees, the trainers at etul are experienced, and hold the expertise in their respective subject. They further added that the trainers not only taught well but also cleared the doubts and queries. It helped in understanding of the concepts. The students also were praise for the foreign language faculty at etul. They liked the teaching style and found the live sessions useful. A student who got placed in a foreign-based multinational gave the credit to the foreign language sessions at etul. He also said that he cracked the desired certifications due to the quality training received.

Some of the etul reviews also had a mention of interview specific guidance received during the training tenure at etul. As reported, it helped the students and made them more confident during the interviews.

The placed students are happy that due to a training platform like etul, they were able to give a kick start to their careers at the beginning itself. They agreed that it would have been much difficult to find a job if they had searched and applied for one all by themselves without undergoing any professional training. etul made the difference is what they agreed.

When asked as to why they chose etul for advanced training, some of the students told us that factors like 500+ clients, 200+ training hours of experience, guest lectures is what they liked about etul. Others stated that they were impressed with the offerings and the course curriculum. Overall, the placed students were content that they made the right choice at the right time.

Successful etul students also commented that they would be recommending etul to their friends and relatives, after their wonderful experience.

No wonder if more and more students who are looking for a lucrative career in IT, join etul after reading this news piece.

For more inquiries and information about the etul programme, visit or go through their Etul India Facebook Page.