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Detroit Engineered Products Launches an Advanced Version of DEP MeshWorks 2020

DEP MeshWorks 2020, a CAE driven engineering platform for rapid concept CAE model generation, FE meshing, FE/CAD morphing and post processing announced the release of its latest version. MeshWorks 2020 with enhanced technology and modules transform the product development process across industry verticals. The appended modules enable CAE to take the lead role in the product development process with its unique combination of concept modeling, model re-use, bi-directional CAD/CAE associativity capabilities.

Speaking about the launch of MeshWorks 2020, Radha Krishnan, Founder & President said, “DEP will strive to ensure MeshWorks 2020 remains the industry standard for CAE that works towards Light weighting, Optimization, Morphing, Automated Meshing, Fast Modelling, Concept Modelling and Process Automation. With this latest version, we plan to drastically bring down go-to-market gestation period and bring up profitability. Organization will benefit from the easy to migrate, increased productivity, and engineers will find ease of use from the latest version.”
Some of the features include enhanced auto parametrization capability, a patented technology whereby a baseline CAE model created in MeshWorks is automatically a parametric model, saving the time and effort of parameterization typically done separately. The latest version empowers the user to make rapid design changes in CAD, has enhanced pre and post processing capabilities, and improved process automation modules. It also boasts of concept model builds enabled for sheet metal structures, plastic parts and cast parts at CAE level, with an interface to state-of-the-art solvers and best in class CAD/CAE bi-directional associativity providing closed loop for optimization. MeshWorks supports both parametric and non-parametric model-based optimization.
MeshWorks is already used in several industries across the globe, and many teams find several days of development time reduced by using MeshWorks. It is used by leading automotive OEMs and Tier 1s globally for capabilities like CAE Morphing tools which Reduces Finite Element (FE) & Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model building time by 50% to 80%. In the biomedical industry, for instance, it finds applications across several implants like stents, dental, spine, hip, etc. where intricate and patient specific design and development can be done. In the heavy engineering industry, it is used for modelling fabricated structures, and optimization of load bearing parts. MeshWorks is also ready to drive electrification initiatives with its battery and motor modelling tools. Aero structure and engine manufacturers also benefit from MeshWorks modelling, parameterization tools and process automation tools.