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Defsys Solutions Delivered Counter Drone Systems to Indian Forces: Col. S.Gupta

Defsys Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is fast emerging as an integrated provider of a variety of counter drone (CuAS) solutions, providing a variety of soft kill and hard kill solutions for customers in India.
Defsys Solutions has recently delivered Smartshooter Counter drone Fire Control Systems to a customer in India, enabling First Shot – First Kill capability to the frontline in engaging with this emerging threat.
Col. S. Gupta, Defsys Solutions spokes person told that the recent use of Chinese and Pakistani drones to target Indian security forces is rapidly increasing and causing a serious threat to the nation. The Chinese and Pakistani drones equipped to drop grenades, drugs etc. are being used more frequently now than before as a new weapon and means to distribute illegal items into India. In Dec 2020 a Pakistani drone carrying 11 hand grenades was neutralized in Punjab from a field near the International Border in Gurdaspur. Prior to that in Aug 2019 another drone carrying weapons was neutralized by the forces. Incidents are increasing and the needs to effectively neutralize the drones are a priority.
At the AeroShow 2021 in Bangalore, the core focus remained for tactical drones and anti-drone systems for the surveillance on enemy and friendly drones that would enhance detection, identification and monitoring of drones. Recently to counter rogue drones Defsys Solutions has successfully delivered a tactical weapon mounted Counter drone Fire Control Systems to the Indian Armed Force(s), enabling First Shot – First Kill capability to the frontline in engaging with this emerging threat. The system was much needed as the use of small drones has increased dramatically over the years, making them a potential threat to critical infrastructures, other aircraft and homeland security, as they are small size, low speed and have low flight altitude. Drones are difficult to detect or disrupt due to their low visibility and low Radar Cross Section. These drones may be used for several reasons, including hostile purposes such as intelligence gathering, smuggling, or as weaponized platforms.
“The Counter Drone Fire Control System supplied by Defsys Solutions is to ensure each round finds its target, in both day and night conditions, as well as keeping friendly forces safe. The proprietary target acquisition and tracking algorithms are integrated with sophisticated image processing software into a rugged hardware solution, providing an easy to use and cost-effective solution that creates the required overmatch. The system is mounted on a 5.56mm or a 7.62 calibre assault rifle and automatically detects, highlights, and tracks potential targets – including drones – using a see-through display, which enhances the user situational awareness,” according to GM Sales and Marketing, Col. Shishir Gupta, Defsys Solutions. “Built-in fire control processing continuously calculates the optimal firing solution to provide the user with clear, discreet guidance, firing only with the best chance of neutralizing the target.”
Defsys Solutions has also recently secured a prestigious program from a leading Customer in India to provide Long distance RF based detection and jamming (soft kill) solution.