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CRB Tech Reviews: Career Changing IT Webinar Attended by 980 Attendees

CRB Tech Reviews – In the light of the situation returning to normalcy post the COVID pandemic and the increase in demand of IT professionals, CRB Tech had organized a special webinar on “Career Prospects in IT” off late. The aim was to make the aspirants aware about the various career opportunities in this sector. The webinar is said to have received an encouraging response with over 980+ students attending it. That speaks about the success of both the webinar and CRB Tech.

No wonder that the webinar got such an enthusiastic response from the aspirants. As far as the webinar is concerned, it covered the following areas associated with the IT sector.

  • Different IT verticals that have on offer bright career prospects
  • Latest technologies, trends & skill development in the IT sector
  • The current demand and supply equation
  • Skills required to become a sought after professional
  • What are the latest industry requirements
  • Benefits of being a bilingually trained engineer

The attendees were provided in-depth information on the above pointers. Also, the best part was that the students directly received guidance from the industry experts itself.

The fact that emergence and wider use of comparatively newer technologies like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing etc. resulting into a rise in the demand of up skilled professionals and their salary figures, was also put across to the attending students. The increasing deployment of technologies like Cloud Computing & AI across industries has actually taken place post the COVID outbreak, owing to changing needs like online presence, contact free human machine interaction etc.

Going further, one of the speakers underlined the importance of undergoing proper industry oriented training. He said that it would definitely make a difference. Be it in terms of getting a job in a MNC, abroad opportunities, or acquiring a higher salary package as compared to only academically trained aspirants. This very expert was of the opinion that undergoing bilingual training along with technical skills would prove to be even better. Especially in case of those who are looking for a job in the IT segment. He specifically listed out the following benefits of specialized professional training during the webinar,

  • Such training helps to close the gap between academic knowledge and the industry required skillset.
  • One becomes job ready.
  • IT companies prefer such professionals as the amount of training required to be provided becomes less.
  • The expert during his speech, emphasised on the fact that a bilingually trained IT professional would get lots of abroad opportunities as well.
  • Acquiring the right skill-set would allow one to demand and get a higher package, was his opinion.

The expert also recommended learning latest and futuristic technologies like Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science etc., as according to him, the demand of skilled professionals in these domains would increase with time.

The students were also asked to put forth their doubts/questions towards the end.

Akash an attendee, came up with the following question,

“What salary is offered to the Artificial Intelligence freshers?

The AI industry expert who was present at the webinar answered the question by explaining that the fresher salary for this particular vertical begins at around 6 LPA, and can go up to 12 LPA. He did not forget to mention that acquiring the right skill-set is necessary however.

Yet another student named Sumitra, came up with the below question,

“I want a job abroad, so what should I do?”

Here’s the answer which the speaker gave,

“First of all, acquire bilingual skills i.e. learn a foreign language depending on your target country. This along with good technical knowledge of your subject and strong communication would increase your chances of getting a job abroad.”

One of the attending students asked whether bilingual training is provided with each of CRB Tech’s IT based courses on offer. To this, the CRB Tech expert confirmed affirmatively.

Post this, the hosts of the webinar introduced the students to the various bilingual IT online courses offered by CRB Tech. The list consisted of online programs in .NET, Android, Python development, along with Artificial Intelligence, Software Testing and more.

CRB Tech a training and placement company, has earned a name for itself as the provider of industry oriented professional courses in all the major IT subdomains including the leading technologies. Upon going through the CRB Tech reviews of their students, it was evident that CRB Tech has also successfully placed its students in reputed companies across different IT verticals. The students were all praise about CRB Tech placements, in their feedback. Check for yourself by visiting their website.

Coming back to the webinar, after given a chance to speak, a couple of already placed students of CRBtech shared their training and placement feedback. As a proof, what follows is the CRB Tech review of one of these students.

Pritesh Ganguly

“I have completed MCM, and wanted a specialized course in Python programming. After seeing course content of CRB Tech, I like very much. They also teach us Japanese language and English language that is bilingual. Python programming they taught very practically and improve my logic. The placement calls given were good. I recently got placement in MNC thru CRB Tech.”

There are multiple genuine reviews about CRB Tech on webinar concluded with a thank you note to the panelists.

Like Pritesh, for all those looking for bilingual IT courses, check out for further details.