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Coimbatore’s First Successful Bone Tumour Surgery Without Amputation: A Nine-Year-Old Girl Beats Cancer

A very rare form of bone tumour was detected in a nine-year-old girl during a checkup for a swelling in the thigh. Coimbatore’s first successful bone tumour operation without the need for amputation was performed at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital.

In March 2021, the parents of a nine-year-old girl consulted with the orthopaedic doctor at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital for a swelling in the child’s left thigh. After a thorough examination and evaluation, the doctors had found that the girl was suffering from Ewings’ sarcoma, a rare form of bone tumour.
What is Ewing’s sarcoma?
Ewings’ sarcoma is a rare form of bone tumour that usually grows in the cartilage or near the nerves in the pelvic region followed by the femur bone. Though the cause of this type of sarcoma is not evident, it mainly affects people below 20 years of age. Diagnosis can be in the form of CT scans and X-rays that help determine its growth. Fewer than 5000 cases are recorded every year in India.
After the little girl was diagnosed with a bone tumour, efforts were made to kill the cancer cells. The girl was subjected to chemotherapy, to suppress and kill the cancer cells. Chemotherapy is a variety of drugs used to kill fast-growing cells in the body. After undergoing 3 cycles of chemotherapy treatment, the size of the tumour reduced significantly. The challenge was to remove the affected femur bone without amputating the leg. A highly experienced team of oncologists and orthopaedic surgeons at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital looked at various options to perform the surgery successfully and to save the child’s leg. The child’s age was the biggest concern for these specialists as bone replacement with prosthesis could not be performed, so the concept of extracorporeal radiotherapy was adopted, where the affected bone was removed, treated and reinserted.
This operation was performed on 10th July 2021. Every precautionary measure was taken for the operation by the team of oncologists and orthopaedic surgeons. The diseased bone was resected with oncological principles, taken to the radiation treatment machine, irradiated and reinserted and positioned in the patient’s thighs using plates and screws. Adequacy of resection was confirmed by the frozen sections of the end of the divided bones. Tumour resection is generally done where instead of the whole bone or part being removed, the tumour alone is removed and a metal prosthesis is used for replacement. The method aids in bone tumours where the entire bone need not be removed. The metal prosthesis helps to avoid the amputation. A metal prosthesis may be installed for joints as well. Radiation was applied to the bone following all the precautions by Radiation Oncologists at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital. This innovative and novel procedure was used by SRIOR and will be considered for all appropriate bone tumour treatments. SRIOR has been constantly striving to bring contemporary changes in the field of oncology to avoid amputation. The child was kept under observation for about 10 days and various examinations were conducted to ensure the health and stability of the child. After the observation, the brave child walked, fighting cancer with non-weight-bearing ambulation.
This operation was performed by an expert team of Oncosurgeons: Dr. Karthikesh, Dr. Bhargavi, Orthopedic surgeons: Dr. Mohan, Dr. Gokul, Radiation Oncologists: Dr. Karthika, Dr. Krishnapriya, Dr. Vivek, Pathologist: Dr. Sethu Madhavan, Anesthesiologist: Dr. GB. Sundarraj, and Medical Oncologist: Dr. P. Guhan, the Director of SRIOR. Their collective vision and determination made the cancer survivor walk back home ambulant.
With innovation in medical technology, new approaches and techniques have led to breakthroughs in treatments. Sri Ramakrishna Hospital has proudly performed Coimbatore’s first successful bone tumour operation without amputation. Sri Ramakrishna Hospital adopts the latest treatment techniques and procedures to ensure each patient that walks through their doors, leaves with the confidence that they’re on track to living healthier with a better quality of life post-treatment.
Visit the hospital to consult with doctors that are experts in their respective medical field. In the event you live far away, they provide online video consultation ( for those who require an immediate consultation for their health issues. Doctors are available round the clock to provide effective treatment. Sri Ramakrishna Hospital’s services are at par with global benchmarks, ensuring that people get the treatment they need.