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Clipbyte Offers Unlimited News Clips From Business Channels at Rs 99,000 Onwards Annually

India’s premier television content monitoring portal – Clipbyte has launched unlimited clips of corporate coverage on business channels based on key search words at an attractive price starting from as low as Rs 99,000 per annum.
The tariff is subject to the keywords to be monitored and the client coverage gets uploaded in his account created in as and when client’s coverage appears.
The service that will capture the coverage from the business channels based on the given keywords will enable small, medium and large enterprises understand the visibility, image, tonality and media perception about their products and personality as also their peers at the convenience of a click either on smaller devices like a cell phone or large devices like a laptop.
Media monitoring service assumes significance since there are close to 900 television channels in the country of which around 400 are news channels that have huge ability to influence the minds of all stakeholders and can be detrimental to one’s business operations if not reacted in a time-bound manner.
Global estimates indicate that the media monitoring tools market is projected to grow from $3.04 billion in 2021 to $7.25 billion in 2028 and India too would see a galloping rise in media monitoring as the economy gathers further pace.
Clipbyte, a start-up promoted by three first generation women – Sakshi Parab, Jyoti Babar and Shilpa Pawar have developed a mechanism to upload necessary video content without any pressure on the storage capacity of the client’s cell phone or laptop.
The content remains safe on Clipbyte’s server, which caters to the top business houses in Asia’s third largest economy.
The user will be able to search, retrieve and view the content within minutes with the option to share it via mail, social media including Whatsapp while a daily report will also be sent to the client’s inbox with all clips based on the search words given to monitor television content.