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Ceremorphic Bets Big on India and Unveils Its First Development Centre in Hyderabad

Business Wire IndiaArmed with more than 100 patents and leveraging multi-decade expertise in creating Industry leading silicon systems, Ceremorphic® Inc. today announced its plans to deliver a complete silicon system that will enable next-generation applications such as artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML), high power computing (HPC), automotive processing, drug discovery, and metaverse processing.

Designed in advanced silicon geometry (TSMC 5nm node), this new architecture being pioneered by Ceremorphic has been built from the ground up to solve today’s high-performance computing problems to serve all high-demanding market segments. The team is leveraging its deep expertise and patented technology to design an ultra-low power training supercomputing chip.

This move by Ceremorphic furthers its commitment to solve key challenges currently being faced by the semiconductor industry globally. Additionally, with the recent developments by the Government of India to work towards developing an entire ecosystem for chip manufacturing and making the segment more conducive for the same, the time is just right to work alongside various bodies to help boost the Indian semiconductor market. And with India being home to some of the best tech talent in semiconductor design, it bodes extremely well. Ceremorphic’s India Development center in Hyderabad is a step in the right direction to complement the Government’s efforts in making India the next global semiconductor hub. Ceremorphic currently employs 150 people and by the end of 2024, plans to employ 400 people out of its Hyderabad Development Centre.

Ceremorphic was founded in April 2020 by Industry-Veteran Dr. Venkat Mattela, the Founding CEO of Redpine Signals, which sold its wireless assets to Silicon Labs, Inc. in March 2020 for $308 million. Under his leadership, the team at Redpine Signals delivered breakthrough innovations and industry-first products that led to the development of an ultra-low-power wireless solution that outperformed products from industry giants in the wireless space by as much as 26 times on energy consumption.

“We strongly believe that building a technology foundation is key to developing highly differentiated products that can lead the industry. We proved that in the wireless space with Redpine Signals and we are now doing the same thing in the computing space with Ceremorphic. Having developed many innovations in multi-thread processing, low energy network circuits, analog computing, and quantum resistant security microarchitecture, Ceremorphic is well on its way to accomplish our goals,” said Venkat Mattela, Founder and CEO of Ceremorphic.

“The challenges this market faces with “reliable performance computing” cannot be solved with existing architectures, but rather needs a completely new architecture built specifically to provide reliability, security, energy efficiency, and scalability. Our India development center and the engineering talent it houses will be key to bringing this new architecture to market and driving further innovations in the future,” he added.

Completely funded by the founders itself, Ceremorphic leverages its own patented multi-thread processor technology ThreadArch® combined with cutting-edge new technology. The team is working towards designing a supercomputing chip with unprecedented reliability and energy efficiency in TSMC 5nm node. With the company’s current state of rich technology portfolio, product design plan and customer sample planned for next year (2023), it is on a steady line of progress.

“I am very impressed with the Ceremorphic approach to solving some of the key challenges in the reliability and performance computing space today,” said Subhasish Mitra, Professor of Electrical Engineering and of Computer Science at Stanford University. “Reliable performance computing is absolutely something this industry needs and the approach that Ceremorphic is pursuing is a significant step in the right direction.”

“I am very happy to note the success of Redpine Signals, Inc., which built the entire wireless technology and product from Hyderabad, India and it depicts the engineering talent and infrastructure capability of the city and the state of Telangana. Venkat and his team were actively involved in supporting our state initiatives related to semiconductor technology for many years. I am optimistic and supportive of Venkat’s new venture in the supercomputing space and wish the team very best,” said Shri Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary of the Industries & Commerce (I&C) and Information Technology (IT) Departments of the Telangana.

“We want to make Hyderabad a technology hub to attract entrepreneurs from across the world to build industry leading products in technology space and my team has been providing necessary support,” Mr. Ranjan added.

Renowned scientist and Niti Ayog Member, Dr VK Saraswath added, “It is noteworthy to see a company like Redpine Signals, Inc. which developed highly differentiated wireless products and technology entirely from India; demonstrated the talent capability of the country. Venkat and his team were actively involved in our initiative on National Supercomputer Mission (NSM) and semiconductor technology in general. I am optimistic and supportive of Venkat’s new venture in High Performance Computing space and wish the team very best. We want to see the engineering teams in the country to undertake such ambitious product development and expand the expertise across all phases of product design and my team is supportive of such companies at multiple levels.”

Ceremorphic’s go-to-market strategy will be global in approach, with India being a key target market as high-performance computing is a paramount piece in the future of AI and ML. The team will be working through the OEM network to create end products for identified market segments like datacentre, AI training, robotics, automotive, metaverse processing and life sciences.