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Boyd Corporation Recognized for Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts for 2nd Consecutive Year

Boyd Corporation, a world-leading innovator of engineered material and thermal management technologies, announced it received recognition for the second consecutive year through the Sustainable Development Programme at Deutsche Telekom, a global leader in integrated telecommunications systems. Boyd’s Gold Award marks an improvement from last year’s Silver Award and recognizes continued cultural development and investment in sustainability and corporate social responsibility programs. Boyd Corporation is a global brand that carries nearly 100 years of tradition and vision committed to developing technology and expertise that solve complex engineering challenges for innovative markets and customers.


Boyd, through its specialty thermal division, Aavid, received the Gold Award in recognition of:


  • Excellent collaboration and outstanding achievement for implementing, emphasizing, and advancing corporate social responsibility systems and policies,
  • Fostering broad program engagement from hourly employees to leadership,
  • Promoting environmental management, life cycle thinking, ethical and fair labor practices, and
  • Protecting human rights throughout operations and supply chain.

This prestigious honor recognizes best practices and leadership amongst Deutsche Telekom’s supply chain in the area of Circular Economy. Receiving the award confirms Boyd’s commitment to innovate and achieve tangible results in reducing environmental impact by implementing best sustainability and responsibility practices.


“We protect the environments and societies that support Boyd operations worldwide. Social and environmental consciousness is a part of who we are, what we stand for, and our global responsibility,” said Boyd CEO Doug Britt. “Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are sources of value creation for Boyd customers and shareholders in addition to being an ethical requirement to conduct business. Being recognized by one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies for our achievements in corporate social responsibility is an excellent confirmation of Boyd progress. We are very proud of our people who’ve enabled this achievement.”


Headquartered in Pleasanton, CA, Boyd operates in three continents with over thirty manufacturing and design centers to enable customers with global agility, speed, and responsiveness. Leadership dedication to promote corporate social responsibility awareness, closely monitor global supply chain partners, regularly inspect health and safety initiatives, protect labor, and strictly enforce ethics compliance has set Boyd apart as a pioneer in solutions that seal, protect, and cool innovative customer applications that are sourced and manufactured in a progressive and globally responsible method.


About Boyd Corporation


Boyd Corporation is a world-leading innovator of engineered material and thermal management technologies to seal, cool, and protect our customers most critical applications. We gain unparalleled technology insight solving complex challenges across the leading industries we serve. Our solutions maximize performance in 5G infrastructure and the world’s most advanced data centers; enhance reliability and extend range for electric and autonomous vehicles; advance the accuracy of cutting-edge personal healthcare and diagnostic systems, enable the latest generation of aircraft and defense technologies; and accelerate innovation in next-generation electronics and smartphones. Core to Boyd’s global, large-scale manufacturing is a deep commitment to protect the environment with sustainable, lean operations that reduce waste and minimize carbon footprint.


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