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Bowler Pons deploys Cepton’s smart lidar solution to augment 3D security system for critical infrastructure

Business Wire IndiaCepton Technologies, Inc. (Cepton), an innovative provider of smart lidar solutions, is partnering with security solution provider Bowler Pons Solutions Consultants, LLC (Bowler Pons) to deploy a cutting-edge, lidar-enabled three-dimensional monitoring system.

Bowler Pons is a specialist in technology-focused enhanced electronic security systems for high-security applications, such as entry control points, perimeters, airspace, and other protected areas. Now, utilizing the insightful perception capabilities provided by Cepton’s MMT Vista®-P sensors as one of multiple sensing modalities, the Maryland-based company has launched a cost-effective, highly adaptable 3D monitoring system that accurately detects, tracks, and classifies objects to assess situations of interest against pre-defined threat characteristics, behaviors, and rule sets via a single fusion and analytics engine. The incorporation of Cepton lidar addresses some of the critical limitations of other sensors – such as traditional cameras’ lack of 3D image capture capability and reliance on optimal lighting conditions and radar’s low spatial resolution – and provides the integrated system with improved detection and categorization accuracy thanks to lidar’s high-resolution 3D imaging with embedded real-time dimension, location, and speed information. Further, the fact that the information capture by lidar sensors is “anonymous” (e.g., not personally identifiable) helps rapidly enable the creation of autonomous alerts, which in turn improve operator response time while simultaneously protecting individual privacy when detecting and responding to anomalies.

Mark Holmes, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Bowler Pons, said: “Cepton’s Vista®-P series lidar sensors combine high resolution and long range to offer higher-fidelity representations per cost unit of the actual environment and targets of interest for certain applications we’re currently exploring with our customers. Cepton’s directional, non-rotational lidar design has also made the Vista-P lidars easy to integrate across multiple environments and use cases. Via our collaboration with Cepton, we are able to deploy cost-effective lidar sensors in areas where our customers may not need a full 360° spinning lidar, but high-resolution visual capture of the environment and activities within it is a priority.

“Powered by intelligently processed lidar data, our solutions are able to address several critical capability gaps left by conventional electronic security systems. First, they enable real-time object detection, tracking, and classification in 3D. Second, they allow users to effectively distinguish between real and false or nuisance alarms and adjust signaling accordingly, resulting in reduced operator overload and associated insensitivity. Finally, their powerful integrated sensor suites enable data-rich analytics for multiple applications at the same time, including access control, throughput analysis, resource planning, safety monitoring, occupancy management, smart utilities, and more.

“Unlike what it usually takes to deploy a new technology, with lidar, our customers don’t necessarily need to tear down everything and build a new system from scratch. Instead, our partnership with Cepton offers an achievable mechanism for rapidly enhancing legacy and conventional security systems by integrating lidar with existing video and thermal cameras, radar, and other 2D or trip-line detection capabilities via Bowler Pons’ advanced analytic software.”

Dr. Jun Pei, CEO of Cepton, said: “Security applications demand precision, speed, and adaptability. Our smart lidar solution helps Bowler Pons to satisfy those demands by working seamlessly with other sensors to provide a complete image of the monitored space.

“Powered by Cepton’s proprietary MMT® (Micro Motion Technology), our lidar sensors are ideally designed for scalable applications given the performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency that they offer. I’m glad they have helped augment Bowler Pons’ security solution without introducing significant disruption to the customers’ existing core solution sets. Augmenting critical infrastructure security with lidar technology may be easier than one might think, and we look forward to working with Bowler Pons to further explore features and use cases where lidar enables higher levels of system efficiency, accuracy, and automation.”

About Cepton Technologies, Inc.

Cepton is a Silicon Valley innovator of lidar-based solutions for automotive (ADAS/AV), smart cities, smart spaces and smart industrial applications. With its patented Micro Motion Technology (MMT®), Cepton aims to take lidar mainstream and achieve a balanced approach to performance, cost and reliability, while enabling scalable and intelligent 3D perception solutions across industries.

Cepton has been awarded the largest known ADAS lidar series production award in the industry to date, based on the number of vehicle models awarded, by a leading global top five automotive OEM and is engaged with other top ten OEMs.

Founded in 2016 and led by industry veterans with decades of collective experience across a wide range of advanced lidar and imaging technologies, Cepton is focused on the mass market commercialization of high performance, high quality lidar solutions. Cepton is headquartered in San Jose, CA and has a business development facility in Troy, MI to provide local support to the OEM and Tier 1-studded Metro Detroit area. Cepton also has a presence in Germany, Canada, Japan, India and China to serve a fast-growing global customer base. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Bowler Pons Solutions Consultants, LLC

Bowler Pons is a US-based Minority-Owned, Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) and SBA Certified 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business solutions development and technical consulting firm with expertise spanning Engineering, Research & Development, Cybersecurity, Information Technology, and Program & Project Management. With a foundation built upon comprehensive security acumen, from information and network security to physical security technology design, development, integration, and support, Bowler Pons focuses on delivering client-specific integrated technical solutions that address our customers’ most pressing and emergent challenges. Headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, with delivery staff spread throughout the USA, Bowler Pons is a rapidly growing thought leader in the high security and digital solutions markets. For more information about Bowler Pons, visit


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