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BondsIndia – Demystifying Fixed Income for Retail Investors

BondsIndia is a new age fintech start-up that aims to digitise and democratize the Indian bond markets. Started in early 2020, BondsIndia is the country’s first online fixed-income portal whose primary focus remains to simplify the bond markets for retail investors by educating and advising them at each step.
In line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India mission, BondsIndia provides a reliable online platform that makes bond markets accessible to the retail participants at a competitive and transparent pricing. BondsIndia is the only platform, having tech integration with Indian Clearing Corporation Limited (ICCL) to provide real-time online trade settlement facility. Its end-to-end integrated platform and cutting-edge technology provides real-time market information and investment advisory in the fixed-income markets. platform is designed for the new digital India.
Bonds are considered as relatively safer investments, bringing stability to the portfolio and one must consider the fixed-income instruments while diversifying the portfolio as they offer a predictable income stream, paying clients a fixed amount of interest once or twice. In order to provide its users with a vast variety to choose from, as bondsindia is not just limited to corporate bonds, tax-free bonds, 54EC bonds, government bonds, and fixed deposits. Moreover, its dynamic platform brings all the latest updates from the finance industry to plug into.
Carrying a blended experience of over 30 years in the fixed-income markets, along with in-depth knowledge of technology, founders Mr. Ankit Gupta and Mr. Puneet Aggarwal envisioned BondsIndia as a disruptor in the domestic bond markets. They aim at educating and transforming the retail participation in Indian fixed-income markets. BondsIndia empowers the retail investors with transparent information about where the market is heading.

“We aim to provide retail investors to safely earn a higher rate of return on their savings as compared to investing in other asset classes in a transparent and educative manner. We envision making the investment process seamless. In short our funda is simple: Simplify the Bond Market, make it accessible to retail customers!”
Mr Ankit Gupta , Co-Founder


Retail investors have always been the inconsequential leg of the bond market. They have been deprived of fair and equitable treatment due to the market dynamics. We at BondsIndia want to provide them with an equal opportunity to access the market and bring about stability and diversity to their portfolio.”
Mr Puneet Aggarwal , Co-Founder

BondsIndia promotes economic development as it works as a medium to channelize the money from retail investors to the companies in need of funds and thereby reducing asset liability mismatch for banks. Thus, creating a win-win situation for both, Indian corporates and investors. It makes portfolio diversification a seamless experience for the investors. BondsIndia is the one-stop destination for fixed-income securities that works from educating the first-time investors to making the trade a hassle-free experience for the experts.
A good investment is like a good friend who someone can rely on at the time of need. BondsIndia helps investor spot that good friend/investment which will earn fixed annuity for investors. It helps users create a secondary income source. With its highly experienced research team, BondsIndia makes the best-in-class analysis available for its users to make a smart and right choice that helps them secure their future. Adding to the love of the friendship, does not charge any sign-up or any transaction fee, it is all free on India’s leading bonds investing platform.
BondsIndia noticed certain problems faced by the investors in the market that were also a hindrance for the overall development of the domestic bond markets. In order to understand the pain points of prospective customers in the marketplace, BondsIndia conducted a survey and asked the respondents to fill the questionnaire. Of all the queries which came in, the 6 major problems became a focal point which BondsIndia strives to eliminate. Investors across the markets were facing problems such as:

  1. What to do? This is the issue with the people who are new to the bond markets or possess little knowledge about the bond markets and want to learn everything about it.
  2. Where to go? The group of investors who have little idea about the bond markets but are not aware about where explore bond opportunities
  3. How to invest? This question is posed to those people who do not know how to buy as bond trading used to be a complex process before the arrival of BondsIndia.
  4. Where to buy? This includes the section of investors who know about bonds and how to buy but do not know from where to buy or a reliable platform to buy.
  5. Fair/transparent/correct pricing: Investors who are well aware of where and how to invest but lack a source which could give them real-time prices.
  6. Ease of transaction: As trading in bonds has always been a complex task, experts in the industry were looking for a platform that could ease the long and tedious process.

In a bid to address these concerns that were prevailing in the markets, BondsIndia curated a one-stop destination of fixed income securities, and made it as simple as buying groceries online. The online platform is not only confined with engaging in buying and selling the bonds but also inculcates the sense of awareness to retail investors. With hand-picked curated bonds by their experts, the investment becomes a comfortable experience for every market participant from a newbie to a professional.
First-time investors can learn the intricacies of investment by reading through the bonds knowledge pool, named as ‘Bondspedia’, a bond literacy tool for clients.
BondsIndia thrives to make investments in the fixed-income markets a comfortable experience. An investor can come aboard in just three simple steps. The first step being an easy eKYC which just requires PAN, Aadhar card and bank details. The next step would be to choose a bond. They have over 10,000 bonds in the Bonds directory and they try to provide the investors with as many choices as possible. The filters inbuilt in the portal will help users what they wish to buy as per their requirements and risk appetite. In the third and last step, the user is all set to make an investment through a hassle-free online payment system.
With, the procedure of getting knowledge and the art of investing is a flawless procedure. BondsIndia helps users as per their profile, risk taking appetite and the amount of money they want to invest in the numerous fixed-income instruments that are available on India’s finest bond trading platform. Keeping an overall assessment about users profile, BondsIndia suggests them to pick bonds which are handpicked by their experts and research team. The transparent price mechanism and live prices help them to take financial decisions on their own.
BondsIndia’s features like market insights, daily research reports, handpicked deals of the day and newsletter just makes an investor win all the games in the world of bond markets. From the basics of bond markets to expert-level research reports, BondsIndia caters to all the categories of the market.
Through its user-friendly platform, BondsIndia adds value to Indian regulators and the government’s plan to deepen the bond markets for retail investors.
Bondsindia can be followed on their Social media handles including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.