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Blue Wireless expands Wireless 5G/LTE Coverage to over 80 Countries Globally

Today, Blue Wireless announced a major step in enabling Wireless WAN solutions for global enterprises with the latest service expansion to over 80 countries worldwide. Of these countries, more than 30 are supported with native 5G service, offering fibre-fast internet connectivity.


Blue Wireless enables wireless network connectivity for branches, retail outlets and remote sites, offering more flexibility and lower operating cost compared with traditional wired internet, while guaranteeing clear Service Levels (SLAs) for delivery time, throughput and network uptime. The service combines the latest Cradlepoint 5G enterprise devices, access to multiple local mobile networks, local installation and ongoing management into fixed price service ideal as local access for SD-WAN deployments.


The new portfolio offers the following additions:


– High-speed 5G connectivity in 32 countries, using the latest advanced Cradlepoint 5G edge devices.
– Coverage expansion in Middle East to 7 countries, pioneering the use of wireless access in the region.
– Additional coverage in the Americas, expanding the service footprint to 18 countries across the North and South continent.


Ivan Landen, Chief Executive Officer of Blue Wireless, comments: “Flexible and reliable access is essential for successful enterprise SD-WAN roll-outs allowing customers to drastically simplify implementation. Our 5G/LTE wireless access offers both fast delivery and is truly diverse from wired lines and therefore accelerates time to market and reduces the total cost of ownership.”


Joop Gerlach, Chief Operating Officer of Blue Wireless, adds: “Wireless WAN technology has tremendously improved over the last two years and we see a surge in deployments. More businesses are switching to Wireless 5G/LTE as their primary form of internet over wired service as it is fast, flexible, easy-to-deploy and most importantly, reliable for enterprise use.”


Blue Wireless customer base has doubled over the last year and the company expects ongoing high demand for its wireless access services.


About Blue Wireless


Blue Wireless is a new generation Wireless Network Service Provider serving global enterprises with LTE/5G wireless solutions, enabling reliable and flexible connectivity for company branches and maritime in over 80 countries globally. Headquartered in Singapore with local offices in Australia, Malaysia, Netherlands and United States, Blue Wireless is transforming how LTE/5G services are used by enterprises. Blue Wireless is a Cradlepoint Elite Partner and distributor for Cradlepoint in Asia through its subsidiary Go Wireless. Please visit