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Bessemer Names Sudip Mazumder New CEO of IIoT Innovation Star Prophecy Sensorlytics

Sudip Mazumder is the new Chief Executive Officer of IIoT innovation leader Prophecy Sensorlytics LLC, also serving on the company’s Board of Directors. His leadership of this patent-rich (25+ US and international patents) Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) development company is a new hallmark in his IIT-rooted career in technology, Digital and IT strategy, business, engineering and Cyber Law.

The announcement was made by (parent company) Prophecy Sensorlytics US Chairman and majority owner Conrad M. Bessemer (great nephew of Bessemer steel process inventor Sir Henry Bessemer). Bessemer notes the strategic and tactical significance of Sudip’s new role. “With just one extraordinary appointment, Prophecy Sensorlytics gains proven skills and expertise that touch on the Industrial Internet of Things, on finances, on management, on manufacturing, insurance and civil engineering and on multinational operations.” Bessemer continued that his appointment, “marks a turning point as Prophecy in India not only continues it strong developmental and research roles for Prophecy LLC but launches a strong commercial presence as well.”

Prophecy Sensorlytics (founded in 2014 by Conrad Bessemer and Dr. Biplab Pal) is a developer of successful IIoT products for industry and for infrastructure. These include MachineSense ( industrial analytics sensors for machinery and power applications, Signaguard ( systems for Intelligent and Data Science, XR Technologies based condition monitoring and predicting Infrastructural Asset (i.e. bridge, building, Tunnels, Dam) health for its failure-prone weaknesses and a new moisture-detection system. It is also participating in development of a new electronic detection health-tech device that can, within seconds, signal the presence of such airborne spiked-protein viral contagions as Coronavirus-carrying SARS-Cov2 (including its variants) and influenza through Bessemer-owned Opteev Technologies (

Sudip Mazumder has extensive experience with IT, Digital and Advanced Analytics holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from what is now the Indian Institute of Engineering Science & Technology (Howrah), an MBA from the SJM School of Management at IIT Bombay (Mumbai) and is a Lifetime Member of IIT Bombay. He comes to Prophecy Sensorlytics from Piramal Glass (Global Chief Digital & Information Officer), L&T Group (General Manager, Mumbai HQ) and was earlier with RPG Group (Mumbai HQ), Tata Consultancy Services (Mumbai and London), Cognizant Technologies (London) and Lloyds Banking Group (London).