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Banks and Clinics Outsmart COVID-19 with Ultraviolet Cleaning

Some banks and medical facilities in India have outsmarted COVID by using ultraviolet disinfection technology. Places like banks, medical facilities & offices that see frequent public footfalls are one of the most likely places for spreading COVID infections. As COVID-19 also spreads via droplet infection through the objects people touch, disinfecting the things people frequently touch becomes of key importance. In such times, some banks, medical facilities & offices have now switched to ultraviolet technology for instant disinfection without any water or chemicals.
According to Neeraj Sawant – CEO of Nevon Solutions Pvt Ltd, “Water and chemicals cannot be used to disinfect paperwork, wooden furniture, food, or electronic devices. Well, these are the things that contribute majority of the stuff that customers and employees actually touch. The best and only technology that can sterilize the things we touch without damaging the objects is ultraviolet technology. Nevon Solutions extensive research on UV devices has managed to integrate UV into disinfection devices in an easy to use and affordable manner.”
Ultraviolet technology has long been used for bacteria and virus sterilization in water purifiers, milk, and food disinfection industry. But since the spread of COVID in 2020, a Mumbai-based research firm – Nevon Solutions started using ultraviolet light to develop UV disinfection devices to stop COVID spread. Along with Office disinfection, Nevon UV Disinfection devices are also being used in over 12 State Bank of India branches along with Corporation Bank, over 6 major Hospitals, and a wide number of clinics across India. The ability of UV C light to disinfect without any water or chemicals makes it easy to use and a more affordable solution as it requires zero recurring costs and no water supply.
The reason for ultraviolet disinfection growing in popularity is the ease of usage and ability to disinfect without water or chemicals. Chemical disinfection involves recurring costs and cannot be used on paperwork, wood, electronics, etc. which makes UV a better and only alternative.
Moreover, ultraviolet C frequency that is used in these devices is proven to be effective in killing coronaviruses in a matter of seconds. The constant research and development in UV technology have empowered Nevon Solutions to develop a range of UV sterilizers since 2020.
Nevon Solutions was the first to research and develop certified UV C devices in India. The company has developed over 6 different UV sterilizer devices that are used for fast and easy sterilization of various objects. These ultraviolet devices are one of the most useful innovations in COVID times, considering their capacity to sterilize any object of all viruses in seconds.

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